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May 22 2014

Down to the wire, and the rumors tidal wave is upon us!  Here’s the latest bunch of 40K 7th changes:

via 40K Daemons (who has more awesome editorializing on these, so go check him out!)

Smash is indeed 1 attack only now. Ostensibly a Daemon Weapon would still boost that.

You must change flight modes from swoop to glide and wait a turn before charging.

You may ride in BB transports. Meaning you can still join their units.

Hit and Run still transfers to the unit. This probably means all of the USR’s that currently transfer still do, meaning all death stars still work.

Allies of Convenience – pretty much unchanged.

Desperate Allies – Unchanged (stuck on a 1), but I believe they can score now.

Apocalypse – All the penalties for Convenience and Desperate, but you can’t deploy within 12″. Ostensibly, they would also score, so in the right combination, this is quite manageable and potent.

Snapshots and Ignores Cover are unchanged. The -2 thing was wrong. Consolidating into combat was debunked a week ago if you hadn’t heard.


~Have at it – it’s getting very close now!

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