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40K Showcase: Warhamsters!

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May 6 2014

Sometimes you see a dedicated hobbyist who just wont say no to a crazy idea.  Behold one of the untold mysteries of the Dark Millennium…

I’ll let creator “Danger” set the project up:

I was out of the hobby for awhile and decided to re-enter it the way I wish I had in the first place. As a fan of Norse mythology and Vikings, it should have been a no-brainer for me to start a Space Wolves army… somehow I lost my way and found myself wandering the path of Dark Eldar… what can I say? I was lost.

Then several ideas congealed simultaneously and with a bit of kit bashing and hunting and pecking through my (and my friends) bitz box, I returned to the true warriors path!

I completed this army just in time for a Tournament a short while ago (I came in second!). There is about 1500 points or so finished. I have some ideas for addition models to expand the army a bit, but for now I present…


And here we go!


The War Hamsters

Logan GrimHamster 


The Badger Guard 
Future plans…

~ Give it up for “Danger”! I’m already imagining where this army will be in 6 months…

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