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Goatboy’s Monday Hobby Nonsense – First of 4 Evil Knights

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May 5 2014

Goatboy here on another lovely Monday morning to talk about my real 40K love – converting!

Instead of some nonsense about a new army lists that might get gutted when 6.5/7th/End of the World edition comes out I will pull back and look at what I like about this hobby.  The ability to make something that is supposed to be a good guy into an evil looking bastiche!  So with that in mind let’s delve into my future Hobby plans for myself.

I really like the new Imperial Knight kit.  Heck I still like the idea of me making more of them after machining through 3 of the kits for a client.  This lead me to think of a way to create 4 versions that each fit a different Chaos God.  I have gotten one so far done and that’s what today’s foray into the goat brain is all about.

The idea is I wanted to have a corrupted house that the original “King” had 4 different sons with different concubines.  From there I started to think what each “house” would represent and how to best get my evil Chaos Knight created.  The first one I wanted to do was start with the Slaanesh one as I have lately been on a kick painting purple, pink, and loving the painful caress of She who Thirsts.

Kraven the Bold is this lord’s name.  I imagined him to be a showman that got hurt and thus had to have his knight outfitted with growths and connections that would amplify the pain he felt and caused.  Slaanesh found this lord wanting and easily corrupted him to whims of Chaos.  He is known to lead his brothers into battle with the same grace he had as a fencer but replaced with the brutal destruction afforded to him with his Knight body.

The spikes started growing out of his armor as he grew in favor with Slaanesh.

The model is magnetized at the crotch to allow for some kind of transportation.

The Giant tusks are from the Ogre Kingdom Storn Horn kit and the tentacles are made with the trusty tentacle maker from Green Stuff Industries.
The next Knight I plan to corrupt is the Khorne Champion.  Tarth the Bone Breaker is his name and he comes from Gladiator stock in the ashen wastes of the west.  I am going to use the Stompa chainsaw blade as his battle weapon and the big Melta gun will have extra options.  Instead of growths he will be adorned with spikes and metal befitting one whose pain is only lessened when he is charging headfirst into battle.  
I have the Stompa box busted open so I can use pieces to make this guy.  I also have a Mauler Fiend that might lose some pieces to create this creature.  I love painting red and I am sure this guy will look crazy on the table top running around and punching stuff.
I hope to get him started this weekend.  The next two are just ideas right now.  The Nurgle one will have puss and eyes all over its upper carapace.  I am not sure but I think some kind of scythe arm will be used.  The Tzeentch might be the most noble looking of the group but will see.  
The rest of the army will be the Astra Militarium and deal with bodies of cultists who follow this army around.  I don’t know yet on the full break down as I need some anti air options with the army.  Still 4 Knights sound like they will look cool.  I will be extremely strong in some games but eat it to Necron flyers.  
Obligatory Goatlist
Knight Paladin
Knight Paladin
Knight Paladin
Knight Errant
Company Command Squad
Primarus Psyker, Lvl 2
Ministronium Priest
Infantry Command Squad
Infantry Platoon, Lascannon, Meltabombs
Infantry Platoon, Lascannon, Meltabombs
Infantry Platoon, Lascannon, Meltabombs
I might need to go Autocannons but Lascannons seem like a better fit right now.  If I drop the Lascannons I have 30 points which I could put into either getting Yarrick or something else if I tweak options.  It would mean I would lose the Psyker but I might not need him.
What ideas do you have for Chaos Knights?


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