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Outside the Box 05-09-14

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May 9 2014
This week went by fast, it’s already time again to look outside the box! This week with Tumult, Xicoa, Dawn Serpents and Naga Striders – Enjoy!

Tumult and Phaedrus are the latest addition to the Sedition Wars range:

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Just some of the pictures of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy that have been published in the latest update:

All 7 core nations in Dystopian Wars get new Naval and Armored Battle Groups in June:
Xicoa, leader of the Amazons and the Master Harlequina are upcoming releases for Freebooter’s Fate:

New Starter Warbands are available:
The May releases for Malifaux are out:

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The Southern Naga Strider is almost ready for release:

A new wave of miniatures for Darklands is available:

The next addition to the X-Wing range is the Tie Phantom:

Time for a new artwork: Saburo of the Ito Clan

Bolt Action gets two new sets for the Battle of Berlin and the Bronze Age range a command set and the proto-chariot:

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The Pillar of Light is a Heavy Support for the Holy Order:

LCC announced a new set that let you turn a cardboard box into a futuristic building:

And the HiTech Miniatures is working on a tactical boardgame called Mission: Katharsis

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Again a great week! I might miss next week

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