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The First Dark Eldar Rumors Arrive…

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May 9 2014

It’s been a looooooong time since any Dark Eldar rumors reared their head.  But all that changed this week:

First up some general schedule talk for this year.

– 40K 7th this spring-summer (the boxed set too remember)
– Orks in June
– Space Wolves/Blood Angels (contradictory chatter) about July-August
– Dark Eldar in Late Fall

Those Dark Eldar rumors have been there for at least 6 months unchanged…

An Anonymous tipster on Faeit dropped off this this week:

The following new Haemonculi will be unleashed upon us all:

1) “Bane” type unit. Bigger than a Grotesque but smaller than a Talos.
May be a new character.
2) New Plastic Wracks (5 per box, dual kit). Includes all weapon upgrades.
3) New Plastic Grotesques (3 per box). Includes all weapon upgrades.
4) Plastic Clampack Haemonculus.

“I’m Terra’s Reckoning”

the Haemonculi will be a big focus of the new book as the Wraiths were with the Eldar. There is a possibility of the models being a WD release initially. The Wrack kit doubles as a entirely new unit that focuses on chemical weapons.

The Bane have even more exaggerated proportions that looks like it can rip a Dreadnought to shreads bare handed, very cool.

Yup, we can officially call that an out-of-the-blue rumor.  There are no real details on whether this is purported stuff is headed our way in the near term, or a general heads up for the real codex 6 months down the line.


But still, its nice to be hearing anything from the Dark Kin after all this time.

Also, where the heck is that Voidraven Bomber said to have been on ice for well over a year now?

~It’s all you… 

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