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Top 10 Warhammer 40,000 Fluff Challenge

2 Minute Read
May 4 2014

So you thing you REALLY know the Warhammer 40K universe?  Well, crack open your books and see if you are really a Loremaster!


1) This is an open book test, so don’t sweat it – have fun!
2) Right before you begin, start a stopwatch (every smartphone has one).
3) When you get all ten answers, let us know how many you knew off the bat and how long it took you to get all ten in the comments.

Good luck 40k Loremasters! (answers are at the bottom)

1) What Space Marine chapter is based on Titan?

2) What is believed to have been overpowered by the Emperor and trapped in the Noctis Labyrinthe?

3) What Inquisitor has been allowed into the Black Library of the Eldar?

4) What is the title of the leader and most powerful of Navigators?

5) Which Freeblade defeated a Tyranid Dominatrix, defending the Ultramarine polar fortresses on Macragge?


6) Cardinal Xaphan famously led a long painful revolt of what Imperial world?

7) What Space Wolves force disappeared mysteriously 10,000 years ago?

8) What Tau philosophy of war is characterized by identifying a target and attacking it swiftly (in Tau)?

9) What great Necromunda House is known for their deep ferrous slag pits?

10) What Imperial weapon can only be created from a by-product of the Emperor’s metabolism, or by rendering down a Sensei?

~Have fun everybody!

1) Grey Knights, 2) The C’tan “Dragon”, 3) Czevak,  4) Paternova, 5) Auric Arachnus, 6) Vraks, 7) 13th Great Company, 8)  Mont’Ka, 9) House Orlock, 10) Psyk-Out grenades.


  • 40K Tactics: Space Marines - Scout Squads