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40 RUMORS: Guess What’s Coming After Orks?

Jun 13 2014

There’s a bunch of activity out past Orks this year for Warhammer 40,000 fanatics.  Here’s the latest whispers in the trees:

First of all, this is about Warhammer 40,000.

So yes, we all know – directly after Orks is Bretonnia, which has indeed been patiently waiting since the Jurassic period.

But we’ve heard that there is an untraditional Chaos release window on the far side of that during the summer.  We’ve been told to look for:

– Chaos Daemons Release Window
– 3-4 Week release period
– Daemon themed Apoc Warzone Book
– New CD Dataslates
– New CD Formations

See anything missing in there?  Strangely no mention of a codex, so it may be a “get out a bunch of models” (I’m betting the plastic Major Daemons) and support books only, like we saw with the Helbrute/ CSM release window.

~Have at it, and what Plastic minis do you thing Chaos Daemons MOST need?

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