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40k : 7th Edition Inspirations – Objective Secured

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Jun 14 2014

When’s the last time you “Forged the Narrative” – with your objective markers?  It’s time!

With all this talk of the way the new game will be (personally I’ll reserve judgement for about 6 months time when everyone’s kicked the tires, checked the engine and lodged a few crisp packets under the seats) one thing is for sure, Objectives still exist and are important to the game, but do we really show how important when we build our collections?

Badrukk here, with an avuncular meander through the mind of an aging gamer, my blog which I started specifically so I could contribute to BOLS is up (LINK) and will likely fill with the contents of my squig addled mind as time passes.

But let’s get to it shall we?

Remembering the Humble Objective Marker
Now whilst prepping perhaps the 20th or 30th unbound army list to date (likely none of which will ever see the light of day) it occurred to me that I have built and converted armies, terrain, superheavies and many other things besides and yet still when I play I find myself resorting to just grabbing some random stuff from my case to mark objectives.

One of these things is not like the others……

That got me thinking, how many of us actually use objective markers that tell a story? How many take the time to knock out something different and narrative to show that the buildings/hills/craters that our toy soldiers fight and die in droves over are more than just an arbitrary point on the table?

And does this impact the way we play?

Well I realized fairly swiftly I wasn’t one of those people, and shamefacedly set out to correct my mistake.

Of course objective markers needn’t be some big thing that consumes your hobby time, but by the same token it’s nice when they’re not just a token. Over the last 48 hours I’ve knocked out a few little odds and ends I’d like to share as works in progress to illustrate my point.

Kitbashed this out of a few leftover firewarrior bits

“Little Lootas”
Proof that GW still sell things that don’t have a specific in game purpose

“Imperial Agent”
Because dodgey men in trench coats always have good stuff in their briefcase…..

These markers were designed to tell simple stories, adding an element of cinema to their presence on the board. They require a bit of specialist time, but pay off nicely.

These on the other hand are just spoils of war neatly presented for collection, but can be kissed together from random leftovers.

Then of course there’s the time consuming hobby madness, which is good for the soul sometimes.
Looks like the Dark Angel’s 5th Company will need a new champion soon enough.
(Finished versions of all of these will hit the blog soon.)

Why It Matters
7th edition offers us, as all new editions of any game’s rules will, an opportunity to think about HOW we play. Not just mechanically, but also emotionally. We may not think of our hobby as an emotional thing, but read the comments on any article here and you see passion (positive or negative).
Remembering back to those hazy days of lunchtime games with my mates at primary school, how every battle was a story and every combat an exciting adventure and I realize that I’ve stopped playing like that.

In a way that’s a sad loss, like many older gamers who spend time in their local hobby store I occasionally find the piping voices of excited children irksome, the kids are having a hell of a lot of fun.
I derive a great deal of satisfaction from a good game, but I don’t remember the last time one really got my blood pumping. And when I think about it it’s because of how I play.

So here’s my first 7th Edition Inspiration:

To use objectives to tell the story of my games.

Every table will be a new planet, every failed save a fallen comrade in arms, and every objective will be worth taking.  Will you join me?

That’s it from me for now folks, I invite you to comment below and especially invite you to link some pics of you own objective markers. – Badrukk 

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