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40K BREAKING! Ork Codex Rules Confirmations – Pt.3

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Jun 22 2014

The Ork codex confirmed rules just keep on coming.  Hold on tight!

So apparently the Full Ork codex as up for sale for a short period of time instead of the preview and a handful of people bought one.  Skullchewer and Gribbly have updates for the community (thank you kind sirs!) 

via Skullchewer:

Just to clarify, as I am getting a lot of questions about this:
No unit allows other units to change their slot type.
No Bikes as troops, no Dreads as troops, no nobz as troops.

Placing any non troop choice into a troop slot in a Battleforged army is not possible.

‘Ere We Go lets you re-roll 1 charge die.
Waaagh! allows all units with ‘Ere We Go to run and and charge in the same turn.

So, been going over the Formation for an Ork Warband that’s listed, that alone is pretty interesting. You have to take at least 60 boyz (6 units). But as stated previously, with this formation a WAAAGH! can be called every turn after the first.
That’s at least 60 Boyz that can run AND charge in the same turn, every turn after the first. And with ‘Ere we go they get to reroll one charge die. And this formation gives Hammer of Wrath to every unit over 10 models that has ‘Ere we go, providing they roll over 10 for charge range. Looking at the wording, it’s roll over 10, not charge over 10. “it successfully charges an enemy unit and the dice rolled for its charge range is 10 or more (before modifiers)”.
And for comedy value; the Formation has to have a unit of Gretchin. So technically you get Grots with Hammer of Wrath.

via Gribbly:

Ork Rules Confirmations – Collated:

Alternate FOC
3 HQ, 9 Troop, 3 Heavy, 3 Fast, 3 Elite. Minimum is 1 HQ 3 TROOP. 
This is OPTIONAL instead of the standard FOC, you can still use the core books one. 

No Wazdakka, no Zogwort.

Snikkrot- doesn’t take a slot if taken with Kommandos.

Badrukk- 11* pts. 3+, 5++, str 7 AP2 assault 3 gun. 

Grotsnik- Gives fearless, rampage and FNP.

Painboy- 5* pts, nob stats, urty/slugga. Confers FNP.

Weirdboy- only option is ml 2. +1 charge if there is at least 10 boys or orks with the ere we go rule nearby (this doesnt stack for multiples of 10). Cheaper, and his ml2 is also cheaper. Ork powers and Daemonology.

Frazzle (1 WC, primaris) 
Ead Banger (1 WC) 
Warpath (1 WC) 
Da Jump (1 WC) 
Kill Bolt (2 WC) 18 inch str 10 ap 2 beam
Power Vomit (2 WC) Str 7 AP2 template
Da Krusha (2 WC) Str 2D6 Large Blast, if you roll a over 10 you hit everything twice at str 10

Warboss- 6* pts. klaw and big choppa same cost. Boss pole allows a reroll on the mob table when you fail morale. Same statline, Slugga, Choppa, Stikkbombs. Can take ‘eavy armour, mega armour, TL shoota and PK. May select items from: Ranged weapons list, Melee weapons list, Runts&Squigs list, Orky… 

Big mek- gets access to mek gear (kmb, kms, kombis, rokkit, etc), or can take mega armour. Still has relic, shooting weapon, accessories etc access (full list), but can take a kill saw. Non mega big mek can take SAG or KFF (also has bike access in the know wots menu). Mega Mek can take KFF or 
HQ Mek is literally the same as a mek in a unit, and must be put into an artillery or infantry unit before start of game. 

A Big Mek with mega armour can take one of the following: 
– Tellyport blasta 
– Kustom force field 

Nobz- *8 pts. Bikes in the Nob unit are +*7 point upgrade. Nob Bikers are the same points as before (but nobs themselves cheaper), Eavy Armour got a point cheaper on the Nobz. 

Manz- Kill saw is 1* points for the pair for mega nobz, replaces both weapons. 
Waagh banner is 2* pts. Trukk or Battlewagon for the Mega Nobz. 4* pts/model.

Tank bustas- 6* pts. 2 pts/model cheaper. melta bombs, tank hunter, glory hogs- 2 vps for first blood on a tank, Tankhammer- str 8 AP3, unwieldy. 2 pt decrease/model. Bomb squig- Wargear, str 8 AP 4 can buy up to 3, works same as before, no risk to own unit. No longer have to shoot at nearest tank. 

Burna boyz- 8* pts. Unchanged.

Kommandos- Price drop. move through cover, stealth and infiltrate, stikkbombs, no shootas. Can take 2 burnas as one of their special weapons, however they can only take 2 in a mob. May include Snikkrot (doesnt take a slot if taken with Kommandos otherwise HQ) (shrouded on arrival, you pick an edge to outflank dont roll) Snikrot causes fear. 

Ork boyz – 6* pts. +1 pt each for shootas. Units can pay for ‘eavy no longer restricted to 1 per army. One in 10 can take special weapon (Same but rokkit cheaper than it used to be). One model may be a Nob, may select from Ranged or Melee weapons list.

Gretchin- Runtherd comes with Grabba stick, can buy squig hound. If the unit breaks the hound causes D3 str 3 hits on the unit, and can then reroll the morale test. 
Grot prod can exchange its attacks for a single double strength attack. AP – 
Grabba reduces the enemies attacks by one 
No special rules, at all 

Stormboyz- For 30 points more than the old mob you get 30 Stormboys now. Jump Infantry, can run 2D6 instead of one but take dangerous terrain tests doing so. No longer blow themselves up.

Zagstruk- 6* pts. Slugga, choppa, eavy, stikkbombs, cybork, rokkit pack. 1 Less Wound, 1 Less Toughness than a Warboss. Hammer of wrath is str 8 AP2. Cant assault from deepstrike but is a HQ choice. 

Deffkoptas- 3* pts each, 5 pt reduction. both its gun changes are now free. Other points stay the same 

Buggies- 2* points, 5 pt reduction, up to 5, outflank. Skorcha same cost as before, trakk is a 5 point upgrade. 

Warbikers- 1* pts, 7 pt reduction, no exhaust save, get +1 cover if they turbo boost now, otherwise no improved cover at all. 

Dakkajets and blitza bombas- maxed out burna bommer now costs 180pts with red paint job. A maxed out blitza-Bommer cost 140pts with red paint job.

Dakka jet guns now only fire one more shot than normal on a Waaagh, not everything twice. 

Blitza Bombs: 2D6, on a 2 you crash, 3 you and your target take a str 9 AP 2, otherwise you hit, with 12 meaning you can shoot your guns aswell. (str 7 AP2, large blast armour bane, one use only). 

Burna Bombs str 5 AP4 large blast ignore cover. Skorcha Missiles str 5 AP4 small blast ignores cover. 

Looted wagon- (found in WD not codex). 3* pts, 2 pt increase. 3 weapon upgrades all 5 pts each. Killkannon 30 pts. 

Battlewagon- 11* pts. 20 pt increase. Kill kannons 30 pts reduce capacity by 8. Deff Rolla 10 pts.

Big gunz- 

Lootaz- 7* pts. 5 pt reduction. Everything else same.

Killa Kans- got more expensive. 25% more expensive for the big shoota variant. Kans now panic when 25% have died, if they fail a roll they are all shaken due to the grots ******* out. 

Deff Dread- 8* Points, 5 pt increase, comes with 2 big shootas, rokkits are a free exchange. KMB are +5 point Exchange. Riggers are 10 points confer IWND. For the price of an old Deff Dread with 2 x Rokkits you can get a new Deff Dred with 2 x Kustom Mega Blastas and Grot Riggers. 

Flash gitz- 

Gorka/Morkanaughts- arent assault vehicles and have no options to become one. 

Trukk- 3* points. 5 pt reduction. Ramshackle- changed, now when you take a penetrating hit roll a D6, on a 6 that hit is now downgraded to a glancing hit. Dedicated transports available for burnas and tank bustas now.

Wreckin ball is a 3 inch range str 9 ap 4 D3 weapon. 

Boarding planks- +2″ on the charge the turn you disembark from an open topped vehicle with a plank

Deff Rolla- 10 pts. D3 instead of D6 hits now AP 4.

Red paint Job- +1 inch to flat out moves. 

Ghazkul- Same cost, is eternal warrior. His warlord trait makes boyz within 12 inches fearless in a waaagh. Only one waaagh per game unless you are running a specific formation (which ghaz isnt in, so irrelevant sorry) 

Melee Weapons
Klaw- unchanged.
Kill Saws- armour bane.
Choppas- are just CCW.
big choppas- +2 str AP 5. 

Ranged Weapons
twinlinked shootas and kombis

Runts & Squigs
surgical grot- reroll fnp
ammo runt- reroll shooting to hit
attack squig- reroll cc to hit
grot oiler- 

Orky Know-wots
Bike- Painboy’s and Warbosses bike is 25 pts, a nob’s bike is 27 pts.
Cybork- fnp 6+ 
Boss pole- reroll chart result.
Gitfinda- BS 3 if stationary. 
Waaagh banner- +1 WS.

Zapp gun- 2D6, gets hot on a 1-3 if you roll 11 or 12 
KFF- price hasnt changed. KFF is 5++ if embarked than vehicle gets this INSTEAD, explicitly just shooting. KFF can be combined with mega armour and bikes.

Shock attack gun- seems to be combinable with bikes. Double 6 is vortex.

Teleporta Blasta- small blast str 8 ap2, on a 6 its insta death or insta pen. 

Grot riggas- IWND (5 points on Kans, 10 on dreds) 

Weapons arent exchanged for many of the options on characters, the warboss for example reads “May take items from the Ranged Weapons, Melee Weapons, Runts & Squigs, Orky Know-wots and/or Gifts of Gork and Mork list” 
There are other bits that do exchange weapons (taking mega armour for example). Relics are one of each per army (but can take multiple different ones) 

Da Ded Shiny Shoota – Assault 6 Shoota, twinlinked, rolls of 1 richochet into friendly units.

Lucky Stixx – Can choose to reroll failed hit, wound or saving throws, if 3 of these rerolls fail in a single turn the model is removed. 

Warboss Gazbag’s Blitzbike – Bike, Assault 3, AP 3, Str 6 twinlinked shots. 

Headwoppa’s Killchoppa – Str +2, AP5, rending, two handed, rolls of 6 are instant death. 

Da Finkin Kap – Warlord gets a strategic trait along with his normal warlord trait. 

Da Fixer Upperz – repair vehicles on 3+ (hull points, weapon destroyed or immobilised). 

Shoot an enemy unit off the board, Kill the enemy warlord in a challenge with your warboss, destroy an enemy unit in your assault phase (more units gone, more points), Turbo boost 3 vehicles (or bike units), secure a random objective (roll a D6), Charge more than 10 inches. 

D6 Warlord Trait
1 Prophet of the Waaagh!: 
The Warlord gains the Waaagh! special rule. If the Warlord already has the Waaagh! special rule then, in addition to the usual effects, all friendly models with the ’Ere We Go! special rule gain the Fearless special rule when he calls a Waaagh!, until the start of their next turn.

2 Bellowing Tyrant: 
The Warlord, and all friendly units with the Orks Faction within 12″ of him, re-roll failed Morale checks and Pinning tests.

3 Like a Thunderbolt!: 
The Warlord, and all friendly units with the Orks Faction within 12″ of him, can re-roll all the dice when determining Run moves or charge range.

4 Brutal but Kunnin’: 
The Warlord can re-roll one failed To Hit or To Wound roll each turn.

5 Kunnin’ but Brutal: 
The Warlord can re-roll one failed armour or invulnerable saving throw each turn.

6 Might is Right: 
The Warlord receives +1 to the Strength characteristic on his profile. 

Mob Rule Chart (name?):
D6 Result
If the unit is locked in combat, it passes the Morale check or Pinning test. If the unit is not locked in combat, it fails.

If the unit includes one or more Ork characters (including Independent Characters), it suffers D6 Strength 4 AP- hits, and is then treated as if it had passed the Morale check or Pinning test.

If the unit has 10 or more models, it suffers D6 Strength 4 AP- hits, and is then treated as if it had passed the Morale check or Pinning test. The hits are Randomly Allocated. If the unit has fewer than 10 models, it fails the Morale check or Pinning test.

~More as it comes in!


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