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40K BREAKING! Ork Codex Rules Confirmations

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Jun 20 2014

The Ork codex “preview”  accidentally was selling the full codex for a few minutes.  Here’s what rules have spilled so far:

So apparently the Full Ork codex as up for sale for a short period of time instead of the preview and a handful of people bought one.  Here’s what community members Skullchewer and NotmyIfurita hava said:

via Skullchewer and NotmyIfurita:

Ghaz is a LOW.
No Wazdakka, no Zogwort.
HQs listed as
Big mek, Zagstruk (!!!), Badrukk (We knew that was coming), Grotsnik, Mek (Not big mek), Painboy, Warboss, Weirdboy.

Megas, they can take up to 9 in a unit, and 1 Boss Meganob. Any model may replace their twin-linked shoota and power klaw with two killsaws

Relics are in. Not had time to read.

Buggys don’t get new weapons, do get Grot Riggers at 10 points.

Not seen anything about FNP at all yet.

Grot riggers don’t just work for IWND on ‘nauts, any vehicle that has them, but cost per vehicle seems to differ. 20 to put them on a ‘naut. BW don’t seem to have the option.

Looks to be a lot more options with selecting wargear for meks
“A Big Mek may take items from the Mek Weapons, Melee Weapons, Runts & Squigs, Orky Know-wots and/or Gifts of Gork and Mork lists.”


Mob rule is replaced by the D6 roll, yes.

Kustom Mega Slugga is a thing.
A Big Mek with mega armour can take one of the following
– Tellyport blasta
– Kustom force field


Gifts of Gork and Mork

Da Dead Shiny Shoota
Da Finkin’ Kap
Da Fixer Upperz
Da Lucky Stikk
Headwoppa’s Killchoppa
Warboss Gazbag’s Blitzbike

Ork Morale Chart

D6 Result
If the unit is locked in combat, it passes the Morale check or Pinning test. If the unit is not locked in combat, it fails.


If the unit includes one or more Ork characters (including Independent Characters), it suffers D6 Strength 4 AP- hits, and is then treated as if it had passed the Morale check or Pinning test.

If the unit has 10 or more models, it suffers D6 Strength 4 AP- hits, and is then treated as if it had passed the Morale check or Pinning test. The hits are Randomly Allocated. If the unit has fewer than 10 models, it fails the Morale check or Pinning test.

Boarding Planks is partially true. Disembarking an open topped vehicle adds +2 to charge distance.

Tellyporta blasta is the back mouned thing I’ve been describing and seems… uh, situational at best? Very short range weapon but causes instant death on a 6 wound. Rolling a 6 on AP causes a penetrating hit regardless of AV.

Killkannon did not change

attack squig nerfed to 1 reroll in melee per turn

Tankbustas can shoot at whatever they like, and Bustas and Burnas can take dedicated trukks

Kommandos get Stealth now, thats nice.. and they didnt see a point hike like burnas and tankbustas

Ramshackle got clobbered.. 6+ save when you take a pen, if successful downgrade to glance


Buggies in units of 5, gained outflank and a minor point decrease.

Snikrot is not HQ, effectively works like before when you add to Kommandos. Listed Elite. No slot if you bring Kommandos. He has Ambush and it gives Shrouded instead of Stealth the turn they arrive… still no charge from Reserves

Codex pic of Buggy is the same old 2nd ed era model..

Killkannon still lowers transport on BW

Deffrolla gains AP4 and loses half the hits

Lootas HS and cheaper

Kans come in 6 packs, LOL

D6 Warlord Trait
1 Prophet of the Waaagh!: Mork (or possibly Gork) has chosen this Warlord for greatness, and every Ork under his command knows it.
The Warlord gains the Waaagh! special rule. If the Warlord already has the Waaagh! special rule then, in addition to the usual effects, all friendly models with the ’Ere We Go! special rule gain the Fearless special rule when he calls a Waaagh!, until the start of their next turn.

2 Bellowing Tyrant: This Warlord is an unholy terror, a roaring lunatic whose every (very loud) word is law.
The Warlord, and all friendly units with the Orks Faction within 12″ of him, re-roll failed Morale checks and Pinning tests.

3 Like a Thunderbolt!: This Warlord is a master of the all-out, no-holds-barred, headlong charge into battle.
The Warlord, and all friendly units with the Orks Faction within 12″ of him, can re-roll all the dice when determining Run moves or charge range.


4 Brutal but Kunnin’: This Warlord has a sneaky streak a mile wide and knows just where to hit his foes.
The Warlord can re-roll one failed To Hit or To Wound roll each turn.

5 Kunnin’ but Brutal: The Warlord knows when to roll with a punch, and can shrug off the hardest blows.
The Warlord can re-roll one failed armour or invulnerable saving throw each turn.

6 Might is Right: Made of muscle and aggression, this Warlord is the embodiment of the Orks’ warlike nature.
The Warlord receives +1 to the Strength characteristic on his profile.

If you take an Ork Warband detachment, you can Waaaagh every turn after the first:

Warband is a special formation that gets to Waaaagh every turn. Have to take 1 Warboss, 1 Mek, 1 Nobs or Mega Nobs, and 6 boyz mobs for it

Stompa is in, is a Super Heavy, BW has gone up by 20 points.

Mek is a different HQ to a Big Mek, not an upgrade.

Lootas and Burmas can still upgrade to Meks. (Nauts filled with burnas and meks is go).

Yeah Lootas 5 points cheaper than previous base unit.

Burna Boyz are 5 points more expensive for base unit.
1 Boss Nob per bike unit, 15 bikes total (Including Nob).
Yes, Warbike seems to be optional wargear for some models.

So in the wargear section there is the Orky Know-Wots. Boss poles, Cybork body, Gitfinda and… Warbike. Warbike cannot be taken by a model with Mega Armour.

Warboss WAAAGH!isn’t every turn, (Not sure where that came from) but it allows all friendly units made up entirely of models with the ’Ere We Go! special rule, to charge in the assault phase even if they ran that turn.

~More as it comes in!

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