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40K: Ork Meganobz Rules!

Jun 7 2014

As we inch towards the Ork Codex, rules and unit details start to break.

rules via BeastsofWar

120 points for 2 Meganobz and a Boss Meganob
WS4 BS2 St4 T4 W2 I3 A3 LD7 SV2+
Special Rules:
‘ere we go
Furious charge
Mob rule

(No mention of slow and purposeful)

May add Up to 7 additional Meganobz to a unit at 40 points per model.
Power Klaw and twin linked shoota can be replaced by two kill saws
Twin linked shoota can be replaced with kombi weapons (Rokkit launcher or Skorcha)
Any model can take a boss pole
Unit can take Trukk or Battlewagon as dedicated transport.

I think it’s a safe bet to look for the Ork codex in week 3, as we have seen a marked uptick of rules rumors spilling out these last couple of days.  A couple copies of it are probably out and about somewhere.

much more info here

~Scuttlebutt says Meganobz may be out week after next (week 4 of the Ork release window). Tick-tock…

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