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40K: Ork Rules & Codex Latest!

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Jun 7 2014

As we inch towards the Ork Codex, rules and unit details start to break.

via BeastsofWar

Rumors of upcoming Ork formations/rules:

Formation – ‘ork warband’ – warboss, mek, unit of nobs, six boys mobs, one unit of grots. Gives Boss of the Waaagh! Greenskin Hordes and Stampede rules. 

Boss of the Waaagh! Lets you re-roll your warlord trait if taken as a primary detachment. 

Greenskin Hordes. “Evey unit with ten or more models in the detachment gains the Hammer of Wrath special rule… and in every assault phase in which is successfuly charges an enemy unit the dice rolled for it’s charge range in ten or more before modifers…” The wording here is confusing; not sure if it means that Hammer of Wrath only works if you roll ten or more, or if there was another rule which got cut out. 

Stampede! If the formation’s warboss is your warlord, he can use his Waaagh! special rule each and every turn after the first. This implies that warbosses have a special rule called ‘Waaagh!’ which usually can’t be used every turn. 

Detachment ‘ork horde’. HQ, three troops, elite, fast attack, heavy support, fortification and Lord of War. Gives Greenskin Hordes and Boss of the Waaagh! Not sure if ‘elite, fast attack and heavy support’ was meant to mean one of each is compulsory.

Looted Wagon. Is no more.
Well, the removal of the looted wagon fits the pattern we have seen starting with Codex:Tyranids of GW cutting units that have no models.  I assume that all those enterprising mekboy hobbyists out there will find a way to convert their looted wagons into something else. Orks (and Ork hobbyists) are the masters of recycling!

much more info here

~Scuttlebutt says look for the Codex in week 3!!

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