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40K: The Ork Codex Rules Are Spilling!

Jun 18 2014

All kinds of codex reports all over the net this morning.  Here’s the latest on Greenskin rules:

via Warboss85 6-18-2014

– Captn Badrukk is HQ choice now
– Painboy is HQ
– Stompa is in the Dex
– No signs of a 6 killa can unit or dual fire weapons

– If Orks fail there leadership check they have to roll on the (in german) “grüner Mob Tabelle” something like “Green Mob Spreadsheet” (new mob rule)
where a result of 1 ignores the missed LDCheck or on other results the unit run away or have a little battle on each other.
– Bosspole gives you a reroll of this green mob table.

– It seems so as Ork flyers become troop choice if a Big Mek is in the army

Go look for MANY more goodies…

I think I hear the sound of Ork Flyer Squadrons!

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