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Kingdom Death: Painting the Slender Man Pt. 2

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Jun 4 2014

Let’s finish up this friendly fellow.  Paintbrushes – ready?  Let us begin!

So go ahead and check the previous article and once you’re caught up, come on back.

I added some stripes! There’s no big trick to adding stripes. Just take your time. The tricky part is making sure they all stay parallel. I find it helps when I do all the ones across the front, rotate 90 degrees, continue the lines, rotate again, and then connect all the lines. Then I basecoat the shoes with Coal Black.

The shoes are highlighted with Trollblood Highlight with final highlights of Underbelly Blue. In a few places I add some further shading with black toned with some Bloodstone (it’s an orangie-sh brown).

And now it’s finally back to that skin. I finish going over everything with my pale skin mix (that’s about a 1:1 Ryn Flesh Frostbite mix). Then I give it a wash of thinned down Agrax Earth.

Then, because there are so many little wrinkles and crevices all over the skin, I go ahead and drybrush it, rather than try to do all the highlighting manually. First I drybrush it with the same flesh mix I started with, then with Menoth White Highlight. To give the tentacles some variety I wash the tips with Agrax Earth. You can use a wet brush to blend the wash easily into the color beneath it.

I keep adding washes further and further on down the tentacles so that they’re darkest at the tip. I also start on the face veins. I begin them with a pale purple, but I’m not too thrilled at how it turns out.


So it’s on to a darker color. Hmmmm…

Maybe some red? Some Sanguine Highlight? Ok I think that’s a little better.

I highlight that with some Khador Red Base. Yes I’m highlighting a color called “Sanguine Highlight” With a color called “Red Base.” A little odd but whatever.

And then I add a few more highlights by mixing in some Menoth White Highlight with the red.

Then finally, to even it out, I mix some Sanguine Highlight in with some Agrax Earth, and apply it very thinly over all the veins. I still can’t say I’m 100% satisfied with it. I feel like the veins look good individually, but perhaps not as part of the whole. Still, the detail is so fine I’m not sure it would take anymore paint without disappearing. There’s already a whole purple layer underneath there. So I’ll call it done, and retain what I’ve learned for the next time I paint some weird vein face mask thing like this.


Here’s a back shot. His coat tails have a lot of cool detail on them.

And here he is with some pals so you can get a good size comparison. Definitely tall enough to run demon prince duty. And I think he would definitely make a very interesting demon prince. If you don’t recognize the little fellow on the right he’s a steampunk abomination from Malifaux. I included him because something about the Slender Man just feels like he would fit in really well in that Universe. He could make a really interesting proxy for Lord Chompy bits, a Poltergeist, or maybe Copellius – although he’s quite large for the latter.

~ Hope you enjoyed the article!

Ben Williams
Author: Ben Williams
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