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Outside the Box 06-27-14

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Jun 27 2014

And here we go again with your weekly summary of cool stuff! This time with more Planetfall, #DKQ, A-Wings, Elephant Man and much more!

Spartan Games

More Previews for the 10mm Planetfall range have been published:

And the Chinese in Dystopian Wars get a flying, firebreathing dragon:

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Again we got heaps of new preview pictures of Darklands miniatures:



Corvus Belli officially announced the June releases for Infinity:

Avatars of War

New Dwarves will be available in August:


A rather slow week at Warlord Games with new single miniatures for Judge Dredd, Bronze Age light chariots and different soviet GAZ trucks:

Dwarf Kings Quest – Return of the Necromancer is on the way:

Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games published a new preview article for the A-Wing from the Rebel Aces pack:

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Prodos Games

Prodos Games released the Exterminateur Atilla MK.I and several gaming aids for Warzone Resurrection:

Again two new artworks: Hanami, Queen of Flowers, for the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate and Penanggalan for the Cult of Yurei


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Hawk Wargames
Hawk Wargames presents the Dropzone Commander Bunker Complex Scenery Pack:

Another teaser pictures for Wild West Exodus has been published this week:

Two new sets of Northern infantry have been announced:

New releases for MAlifaux have been announced:

Ninja Division
Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity will be available through retailers on July 10th

New Previews of the D&D Collector’s Edition:

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Troublemaker Games
New miniatures for the 6mm Defeat in Detail Tusculum Nova range are availabe:

Dark Age Games
Dark Age Games published artworks of upcoming releases:

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And  Anvil Industry presents the Goliath Heavy Mech and the Mauler Drill for their ever-growing Afterlife range:


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Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

This 6mm Troublemaker stuff is amazing, I guess I’ll have to check their Indiegogo campaign again 😉

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