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WAAAAGH – Orks Codex Info (At Last)!

Jun 16 2014

It’s been a long haul, but at last details on the Ork codex are spilling.  About Time!!!

via our good friends at Grot Orderly

“I just got some info:
– 20th June we gonna get new release info for 28th June: codex, two new models
– Ork Codex will have 104 pages. It will be the first codex to sport new organization of unit info in form of Datasheets, each unit will get a one pager (25 quid).
– new models for Painboy and Ork Mek (16 and 15 quid).
– Ork Datacards: 43 cards (7 pyschic cards and 36 Tactical Objective cards). Limited Edition (5 quid).”

~ I always love the new shininess of a new Edition’s first codex.  This is gonna be fun!

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