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White Dwarf 19 – Ork Prices & More

Jun 5 2014

We have a cover! This weekend’s White Dwarf cover and details on new products are prices are out!

images via Blog for the Blood God

So it looks like we have FlashGitz coming in at $53, and a handful of novels and ebooks to accompany it.  I have to say that after over a year of breakneck releases, GW seems have shifted into 2nd gear on the heels of 7th Edition.

This will be the first release window with a codex not out in the first 2 weeks!  If they do indeed have several more Ork kits coming, this whole thing may stretch out well into June.

much more info here

~The WAAAAGH is takings it’s time…

  • Wargames Gallery 6-4-14