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40K BREAKING: Stormclaw Arrives!

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Jul 11 2014

Get ready all you Space Wolves and Ork Fantatics!  Look what GW just pulled the covers off of!

Sanctus Reach: Stormclaw $125

via Games Workshop:


Only available while stocks last!

Stormclaw is the second instalment in the Sanctus Reach Campaign, and continues the narrative begun in Sanctus Reach: The Red Waaagh! It tells the tale of the blood-soaked battle between Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze and Warlord Grukk Face-rippa.

This multi-part plastic boxed set contains two forces – Orks and Space Wolves and two never before seen plastic character models: Krom Dragongaze and Grukk Face-rippa.

The Space Wolves Force includes: Krom Dragongaze, 1 Space Wolf Pack of 10 miniatures and 5 Wolf Guard Terminators.

The Ork Force includes: Grukk Face-rippa, 5 Ork Nobz, 3 Killa Kans and 10 Gretchin with a Runtherd.


The 32 page Stormclaw Campaign Supplement contains three missions that use the miniatures in the box and details the bloody confrontation between Grukk and Krom as they clash on the Blistered Isle. There are also Datasheets for every unit in the box including Grukk and Krom, plus two new Formations.

The boxed set also includes a handy small-format paperback edition of Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.

This is a limited quantity product – ensure you don’t miss out by ordering your copy today.

The Fancy Video!

Interesting, so ruleswise, this in only a small 32-page expansion to the previous week’s hardcover Campaign book.  And note you DO get the first 7th Edition mini-rulebook offered from GW.

This is certainly a “limited edition” product running on all cylinders.

If you want to see how the campaign ends and bought last week’s Red Waaagh, you need to grab a set  NOW.


If you like either of the two new HQ minis, you need to grab a set NOW.

If you really want a mini-rulebook, you need to grab a set NOW.

~So who’s getting it.

Author: Larry Vela
  • Wargames Gallery 7-10-14