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40K Eternal Crusade LIVE TEAM COMBAT DEMO: 1:30 Eastern Time

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Jul 25 2014

TUNE IN NOW!  Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade is showing off team combat at 1:30pm Eastern Time!

Hey folks,

We’re continuing our transparent approach to development this week on Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade by streaming new parts the game and taking fan questions live on Twitch!

The event will be going down at 1:30pm ET (10:30am PT, 5:30pm UTC) on the Eternal Crusade Twitch channel – this Friday, July 25th.

We’ll be showing off a 6v6 team fight demo, between the Space Marines and the Chaos Space Marines. On the Space Marine side we’ll have the Tactical, Assault, and Devastator classes. Meanwhile with the Chaos Space Marines, we’ll show off the Tactical, Raptor, and Havoc classes. But what would these combatants be without their weapons? We’ll be giving some demos of the Bolter, Stalker Bolter, Heavy Bolter, Bolt Pistol, and Chainsword as well. We’ll also be driving around and firing from the Predator Tank and Rhino on the field. Plus, if you’re lucky we just might slip a few more work in progress pieces and parts too!

The dev team will also answer fan questions while they go through the demo. All of the footage is still very early work in progress, but that’s the point. We want to show you all what we’re doing in Montreal, so that we can get your feedback early and often on the direction of the game.

Get your Bolters ready and be sure to tune in Friday, July 25th at 1:30pm ET –

To read more about the game itself, please visit

Watch live video from 40kcrusade on

Enjoy guys!


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