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40K: Grandfather Nurgle is Headed this Way

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Jul 5 2014
Warhammer 40K

Look sharp, because Nurgle goodies are headed your way in the weeks ahead:

First off several days back gold-plated rumormonger Hasting returned from the wilderness to deliver this morsel:

-There’s something large & nurgle-y coming first
-It’s not a GUO, it’s bigger than current GUO, giant sized

Then one of Gary’s anonymous folks threw these into the rumormill:

July 1-week Nurgle Release window:

-Nurgle Beast in Plastic
-Plague Marines Box with Termi Bitz

Finally several weeks back there was talk of a Chaos Release window coming after Orks with multiple kits, which were widely believed to be the plastic Greater Daemons.  It was described as follows:

– Chaos Daemons Release Window
– 3-4 Week release period
– Daemon themed Apoc Warzone Book
– New CD Dataslates
– New CD Formations

As with all of this type of stuff, its the trend lines that matter, and we now see multiple folks all coalescing around a Chaos/Chaos Daemons release slot coming up fast.


The latest White Dwarf also talks of the Sanctus Reach continuing into next week so look for further product tie-ins.

~So what do you think the mystery giant Nurgle kit is?  If you go back and look at EPIC Nurgle stuff there is a lot of stuff the GW Design Studio could mine from.

Author: Larry Vela
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