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40K News: Horus Heresy: Drop Assault

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Jul 18 2014
Warhammer 40K

A Horus Heresy Video Game just dropped out of the sky. Check it out!

The game publisher is Complex Games, and here is what we know so far:

via Complex Games:

“We’re excited to announce what we’ve been working on, an all-new Warhammer 40,000 tactical strategy game called The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault for iOS and Android. It’s the first ever game set in the Horus Heresy story. We’ve been huge Warhammer fans for years, so working on this game has been a truly great experience. You’ll be able to play Drop Assault this fall.

We’re developing this game in conjunction with tabletop war games leader Games Workshop® and mobile game publisher CROOZ, Inc, based out of Tokyo, Japan.

The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault invites players to choose a side in the intense civil war that erupted amongst the Emperor’s Space Marine Legions in the 30thMillennium. Players will be able to build and customize bases, muster armies, and break their enemies’ strongholds in intense tactical battles. Whether as a Traitor or Loyalist, you can create a Chapter with your friends and challenge your rivals around the world in territorial warfare to dominate and survive.”

Jon Gillard, Head of Games Workshop Licensing had this to say about the upcoming title:

“The Horus Heresy is an iconic and seminal part of our IP that describes the dark period in the Imperium’s history that ultimately led to the way the Warhammer 40,000 universe looks now. As a setting it has been the basis for numerous New York Times best-selling novels, card games, and more recently some amazing models from our Forge World division. The dark treachery and over the top battles of this epic civil war make it perfect for the game Complex are making and aficionados of our worlds will be very excited about this legendary setting being brought to life as a video game for the first time.”


So let’s see:

Legions in their Heresy-era colors – CHECK!
Legion superheavies – CHECK!
Jetbikes – CHECK!
Titans – CHECK!

But I’m sure all you video game fanatics have your opinions…


Author: Larry Vela
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