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40K SHOWCASE: Eldar Exodite Army by Binary77

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Jul 24 2014

We just love a hobbyist with a great idea who won’t take no for an answer.  This Exodite army is fantastic!

For the past 6 months, Binary77 has been slowly and methodically working on a fully converted exodite army using bits from the Craftworld Eldar, High Elves and Lizardmen ranges.  Here is how it all began:

The exodites of Tuzanor – Tuzanor roughly translates as “The sorrow of a lost dream”

As those who’ve seen my previous sparse and rarely updated blogs will know, I’m one of those people who can’t go “hmmm…a new army? Let’s build the minis straight out of the box and looking like the army was created by GW to sell more shiny stuff”
I have always gone about it the same way. Find an obscure theme, work out what parts to use for the models, weep when I discover how many boxes Id have to buy to make one squad, then suck it up get on with it. Previously I’ve built a Techguard army, White Scars using the Ravenwing rules, a colonial/revolutionary themed guard army and a Heresy era truescale World Eater army.
This gave me a slight hint that I was being very human-centric, so for the next army (eventually planned for ToS 2014) I was challenged to make a Xenos army.
Now which of the nefarious Xenos races to pick? After perusing the websites and codicii I decided to return to the second army I ever owned, way back in the heady days of rogue trader/ 2nd ed. circa 1992, Eldar.

So why Exodites? Firstly the modelling opportunities, I mean who doesn’t love the idea of space elves riding dinosaurs? Secondly there are some fantastic looking armies out there, so lots of inspiration.

Just a couple of days back, he laid his creation out for all to see. These are only a fraction of his full gallery:


You REALLY need to take some time and enjoy this entire thread.

I just love the individualism of each piece. The entire army is one giant conversion job, with not a single unmodified miniature in there.  At each turn, when it looked like a shortcut, or simpler solution could be found, Binarry77, took the hard road, and came up with another great unique figure for his army.


Then, just when you think the army is enough – you see his CRAZY display board! (the project log has videos of him creating it)

I’m flabbergasted and just can’t wipe that childlike grin off my face.  So every time you think of that hardnosed min-maxed armylist out there, that makes you cringe – remember armies and hobbyists like Binary77 are out there too, and they make our hobby even greater with their hard work!

~Give it up for the man! 

Author: Larry Vela
  • Wargames Gallery 7-23-14