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40k Unboxing – The Cerastus Knight Lancer

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Jul 9 2014
Warhammer 40K

Totally redesigned from the ground up, the first Knight Titan variant from Forge World is HERE!

The Cerastus Knight Lancer looks to be adapted over and re-imagined from Epic 40k’s model of the same name, plus we already know there are two other variants in the works from last months Horus Heresy Weekender!

Now that the first official variant has been released, the larger than life legend of the Knight Households will continue on for a new generation of gamers!

It even has rules for playing it as a Lord of War in 7th Edition too!

The model itself is pretty remarkable, with a level of amazing detail perhaps unseen in the past for a model of it’s size.  Plus there is an amazing fully detailed cockpit for your pilot to control the knight from as well, complete with viewscreens and switches.


It’s a little underwhelming when viewed in it’s small packaging, but once you get it all laid out and start taking a closer look, this model really starts to shine.

Knight player or not, this model makes a great display piece for any Warhammer 40k aficionado regardless.

The Kit

The Knight Lancer is available for 170 pounds (~$260) from Forge World.

The Cerastus Knight-Lancer is a first strike weapon, attuned to rapid assault tactics and lethal outflanking charges against a foe. It is justly renowned for its speed and its power, as well as for the temperamental and restive nature of the machine-spirits which dwell as anima within its colossal frame.

Because of this reputation, the most impetuous and glory-hungry of the Knight Households are driven to bond with these war machines, their own souls a match for the fury caged within their mounts. The greatest of these pairings will go on to create martial legends among their lineage, while for those whose temper cannot fully master that of their Knight-engine or whose own lust for glory might see valour outweigh caution on the battlefield, their triumphs are likely to blaze brightly, if briefly, in the chronicles of their Households.

The Cerastus Knight-Lancer is a complete multi-part resin kit, designed by Daren Parrwood. 


Author: Robert B
  • Wargames Gallery 7-7-14