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BAO 2014: 40K 7th Ed. Tourney Questions Answered!

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Jul 30 2014
Warhammer 40K
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And another BAO 2014 on the books! Here’s what we learned about 7th Edition competitive play:

Here are the official results, and the ITC overall rankings after the BAO! And of course, here are the ITC army rankings after the BAO! What a fun event, it ran incredibly smoothly, we had very few issues, handed out tons of prizes and in general, had a great time.

Super Heavy Lords of War

The big question going in was: how are LoW going to impact tournament play? I think the answer is that they fit in really well. I am sure some folks got caught off guard by them if they had not played them before, and a few folks were having a rough day due to some Stomp attacks, but in general terms, they were not overpowering. That said, we did limit some of the crazier LoW, but, we will run an exit poll to see how folks feel about opening it up some more. I think they went fine and in our test games we really enjoyed using them.

Blending in Maelstrom of War Missions

It seemed to be very well received. Most folks I talked to said they really enjoyed the dynamic nature of the missions with points scored every turn. Again, we will wait and see how the exit poll goes, but, it seems that folks really liked them.

Round Length

It seemed like most games were finishing in the 2 hour and 45 minute time length. Some didn’t, but in general terms games seemed to conclude naturally. 1850pts in that length of time is a good fit.

Good Times!

In general, it seemed like everyone had a blast which is the most important goal. Folks were going out, having dinner and beers together, the venue was very nice, and we had a LOT of first time tournament goers which is always music to my ears. I love that as it means someone gave a tournament a shot and had a good time, as that is the future of what we do and we love sharing something we love with other people. In general, the event was a big win for us and we had fun running it. I am totally wiped out or I would write more, I just can’t really think straight right now, lol! More to come. For now, pictures!

Israel Sanchez, Best Appearance
Mike Fox, Second Best Appearance
Obi Hampton, 3rd Best Appearance
Carlos Kaiser, Renaissance Man
Adam “Spam Adams” Merlic, 2nd Renaissance Man, Best Tau
Chris “Aventine” Long, 3rd Renaissance Man
Steve Sisk, Tournament Champion and Best Space Marines
Adam Gati, 2nd Best General, Best Eldar
Julio Rodriguez, 3rd Best General
Garrett Mulroney, Best Sisters of Battle
Mathew Barlow, Best Astra Militarum
(On right) Dawson Davis, Best Orks
Sirus “Dogstar” Chappell, Best Blood Angels
Ben Vaughan, Best Chaos Space Marines
Kevin Rogers, Best Chaos Daemons
John Feuerhelm, Best Dark Angels
Tim Hosker, Best Space Wolves
Ian Ager, Best Dark Eldar 
Alex Gonzalez, Best Necrons
Eric Mathews, Best Grey Knights
Geoff “InControl” Robinson, Best Tyranids
Mathew Ludwick, Wooden Spoon

 And some general event pictures!

  BAO Venue agreement 2014 214 BAO Venue agreement 2014 056 BAO Venue agreement 2014 165 BAO Venue agreement 2014 178 BAO Venue agreement 2014 408 BAO Venue agreement 2014 050 BAO Venue agreement 2014 071 BAO Venue agreement 2014 098 BAO Venue agreement 2014 240 BAO Venue agreement 2014 237 BAO Venue agreement 2014 294 BAO Venue agreement 2014 321 BAO Venue agreement 2014 271 BAO Venue agreement 2014 274 BAO Venue agreement 2014 275 BAO Venue agreement 2014 307 BAO Venue agreement 2014 313 BAO Venue agreement 2014 315 BAO Venue agreement 2014 385 BAO Venue agreement 2014 446

Reece Robbins
Author: Reece Robbins
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