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Community – Spare a Thought for the Widows

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Jul 22 2014

Spare a thought today for a different class of people. Those without whom in a very real way the hobby would surely wither and die for many.

Badrukk here, continuing the gentle meander through what passes for a mind after nearly 25 years of collecting Orks. Insert usual Blog Plug HERE.

Today the thought occurred to write about something, or rather someone, who indirectly shapes our hobbies. Be they girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, supportive parent or other us gamers pretty much all have one (or sometimes more) of what my, thankfully extraordinarily tolerant, wife refers to as Warhammer Widows.

The idea for this article came about as she sat patiently through my excitement over finally getting display cabinets up and running at home, bemused smile on her face as I acted like a kid at Christmas because I was assembling flat-pack furnishings.

So why am I waffling on about all this, you ask, why shouldn’t I just go read something about 7th edition 40k or the new infinity stuff?


Because they support our hobby in a more immediate and lasting way than anyone else. Because we owe these people. We owe them for lifts when we had too many toys to carry, for putting up with our 4am painting sessions, for listening to us waffle on about a hobby they’re not really interested in,
and for much more besides.

And it’s easy, too easy really, to take that for granted.

So whilst we get excited about our games, and our models. Whilst we get swept up in an exciting hobby season with 7th Ed 40k just out and 2nd Ed Dystopian just around the corner. Spare a moment for our long suffering loved ones, and make sure to give them something nice this month too.

Even if it’s just an extra hug.

That’s it from me for now folks, who supports your hobby on the home front? Let’s share the love today, before the old squig-brain implant kicks back in and it’s back to raving madness. – Badrukk 


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