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Outside the Box 07-18-14

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Jul 18 2014

Welcome to this week’s Outside the Box! This time with Dark Age Games, Infinity, Malifaux, Dropzone Commander and many more!

A new cycle of releases is ready to go, including the amazing Archangel Gabriel:

The Russian Coalition in Dystopian Legions gets a Sniper and Spartan showed new previews of their 10mm Planetfall range:

Additionally, a lot of Dystopian Wars miniatures are going into production:

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Rise of the Kage will be the first boardgame produced by GCT Studios:

New informations about the Operation:Icestorm starter set have been announced and we got new pictures of the GenCon Special Penthesilea and the Con-exclusive NeoTerra Bolt Cosplay Edition :

Eric Johns published some new artworks on his twitter account:

Hawk Wargames

This week, too, we got a bunch of Resistance previews:

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Mantic presents previews for Deadzone and Mars Attack:

A new range of 10mm pre-painted Sci-Fi buildings and roads is available from Sally 4th:

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This week we got a first picture of the Northern Stinger:

Rebellion, a new supplement for Black Powder, is up for pre-orders and new sets for Bolt Action and Hail Caesar are available:

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Palladium Books 
Plenty new pictures of RoboTech RPG Tactics miniatures:

 -> More Palladium Books News


Outlaw Miniatures offers a new Sidekick for the Holy Order in Wild West Exodus:

The 6mm OTC Kaiju Mega Rig is nearly done:

Shiryo-X, Demon Hunter of Mishima, is coming to Warzone Resurrection

And Shieldwolf Miniatures showed the first miniature of a new range of Fantasy humans:

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Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!
Not sure if I can resist the Resistance ;). And the Dark Age previews are just stunning!

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