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Outside the Box 07-25-14

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Jul 25 2014

It’s this time of the week again, and the following post is full to the brim with awesome new miniatures, so come in and enjoy!

Spartan Games presents the Ba’Kash Battle Carrier for Firestorm Armada and the French Legionnaires and Russian Coalition Cossacks for Dystopian Legions:

Puppetswar announced new Gargoyles:

The Valkir will be reinforced by the Support Troopers:

New Human characters are on their way:

GCT Studios published a preview of Taisho Kurouma Tenbatsu, a new multi-faction miniature for Bushido:


The Antipode Assault Pack is one of the upcoming releases for Infinity:

More previews and the cover of the new book have been revealed this week:

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Hawk Wargames

And another week full of Resistance goodness:

-> More Hawk Wargames News

Victrix published new previews of their plastic Carthaginians:

-> More Victrix News

This week we got new pictures of the Asterians and Brokkrs:

-> More Mantic Games News

The Perry twins released new sets for their WW2 North Africa range and showed the first production samples of their plastic Foot Knights:

-> More Perry Miniatures News

The exclusive miniature for GenCon is a Northern Headhunter gear holding a CNCS Banner:

This week the Egyptian Kingdom joins Hail Caesar, Tank War is up for pre-order and we got first pictures of the SS-Cavalry and the promo miniature for the Rebellion book:


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Knight Models 
Knight Models added new 
miniatures to their Marvel and DC ranges:


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Sanguinius is teh newest addition to their Chibi range:

The next 6mm range will be the Hellborn Cultists:

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White Knight Miniatures announced a new range of Renaissance Zombies:

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And Demented Games presents Feygin for their Twisted range

-> More Demented Games News

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

Can somebody please build a “Great Crusade”-themed version of Super Dungeon Eyplore? 😉

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