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The Telegraph Weighs in on GW’s Annual Report

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Jul 30 2014

Hot on the heels of Games Workshop’s annual report, the Telegraph’s finance reporters weighed in…

Fantasy figures: Games Workshop’s CEO takes alternative view of ‘good’

You can rely on Tom Kirby to enliven his company’s results with a few interesting quotes

Here’s a new way to judge a company’s performance: totally ignore the numbers.

Games Workshop, which makes miniature figurines and fantasy games played out in alternative universes, today reported that its pre-tax profits for the year fell 42.1pc, or £9m, to £12.3m as revenues slumped from £134.6m in 2013 to £123.5m this year.

Read the whole thing, trust me…
~ Those UK reporters don’t pull any punches do they?


Author: Larry Vela
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