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Waaagh! Ghaz Initial Peeks – UPDATED!

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Jul 1 2014

The upcoming Waaagh! Ghazghkull has a lot of new playstyles in it.  Here’s what is doing the rounds:

images via Grot Orderly

So we get:

3 new Altar of War Missions:
-Might Makes Right
-A Kunnin Plan


5 new Echoes of War Missions:
-Uniting the Clans
-Fall of Hive Volcanus
-War on Piscina IV
-Battle of Ghattana Bay
-The Green Beast and the Leviathan

That last one involves a really super scary Hive Queen Ghaz and his boyz have to take down with tellyporta kunnin.  I love good narrative missions like these!

UPDATE: Games Workshop Just added: 


~WAAAAGH!  My what a LARGE squig you have…

Author: Larry Vela
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