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40K: Codex (UBER) Assassins – WOW!

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Aug 22 2014

On reader has a copy and is  VERY IMPRESSED!  Watch out hereitcs – the buffed up Assassins are coming!

via BloodShadow

General Rules/Info

You can take one, two, three of four really cool assassins or you can take all four in a c.600point formation. 
The assassin detachment is 1 Assassin (Elite) that’s it, no other requirements needed to unlock it.

What there is is lots of fluff and expanded background, anyone whose read Nemesis will recognise each Clade’s style. The rules are really nice as they are, the options come down to how best to deploy and which weapon to use each Assassin has lots of flexibility more than ever before.


All the Assassins now come with the “No Escape” rule giving -2 on Look Out Sir rolls; not quite as good as ignoring it completely but it seems fairer.

Venenum and Vanus temples get honourable mentions in the fluff section, but no rules.

As for Wounds they’re all 3W apiece now.

Vindicare new super long range rifle and Turbo rounds become Str 10 vs vehicles, shield breaker is ignores invulnerable, all attacks AP2 ignores cover. I think with one shot only per turn the the Vindicare is hoping to be almost exclusive used as a tank hunter, a 72″ Str10 AP2 ignores cover (jink?) with a 2+ to hit with a 4+ reroll that can infiltrate to get side armour or even rear armour shots is awesome. ~Wave Serpents beware!

Callidas can now only infiltrate or come on from opponents board edge, but when infiltrating can do so to within 1″. Phase sword got weirdly complex.

Eversor, gauntlet got nerfed but on the large part a great choice for attacking hordes. He’s no longer got a lightning claw….instead he gets 8A on the charge with either a powersword AP3 or 8 AP- 2+ Poisoned shred attacks….. Decent vs marines or hordes, especially at Int 7!

Cullexus, WOW is now the boss he/she should always have been…..the only time you’ll take psykers is to put bullets in his gun… 12″ psychic blank bubble just nerfed invisibility to hell and once he can see you, you’re going to have a psychic nightmare…..Psychic Death Stars meet your nemesis.

Life Drain- CC attacks ignores armour, instant death on a 6, instant death on any wound caused to a psyker (sorry tyranids).
Psychic Abomination – Psykers at -3Ld with 12″, no warp charges generated within 12″, powers only cast on a 6 within 12″, invalidates blessings and maledictions within 12″!!!
Etherium war gear – attacks vs. culexus made at BS and WS 1 (though he also causes fear?)
Animas Spectrum – Similar to before one shot per mastery level within 12″, but can now be boosted with up to 3 unspent warp charges. The mastery level thing does stop people from building brotherhood batteries though, as brotherhood of psykers count the unit as mastery level (x). The Animas Spectrum is 18″ S5 AP1 assault X.


And he has preferred enemy (psykers) too….

~ Well that’s one way to spike Culexus sales.  Cya later invisibility!  

Author: Larry Vela
  • First Peek: Officio Assassinorum Dataslate