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BoLS New/Rumor Roundup 8-31-2014

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Aug 30 2014
Warhammer 40K

It’s been a very busy week 40k/WFB fans from Nagash to Knights, Annual Schedules and TONS more – Let’s hit it!

Mortarchs and Weekly Releases

The Lieutenants of Nagash are here, with armies in tow.  Here’s GW’s latest releases!

Arkhan the Black, Neferata, & Mannfred, Mortarches of Stuff… $79

Arkhan the Black is Nagash’s foremost lieutenant and an adept student of his master’s sorceries. Ever a faithful servant, Arkhan oversaw the preparations for the Great Necromancer’s return and once again he is at the forefront of his master’s schemes for domination.

Legends tell of a vampire queen who resides high in the Worlds Edge Mountains. The Queen of Mysteries does indeed exist, she fought at Nagash’s side againsts the armies of Nehekhara, and when the battle was lost she fled from his wrath . Those who know call her Neferata, which means ‘She who is beautiful in death’. Now, after thousands of years, the Great Necromancer has returned, and Neferata is presented with a choice: betray Nagash to his foes, or seek to gain redemption, once more earning a place at his side.

Mannfred von Carstein serves at Nagash’s right hand. It is an occupation which he greatly resents, and he is ever watchful for a means to free himself from his servitude to the Great Necromancer. Though some warriors judge themselves by the standards of the enemies they vanquish, Mannfred is no slave to conventions of honour or glory. Ends concern him far more than means; if the choice falls between slaughtering the meek and vanquishing the mighty, he chooses slaughter.

This multi-part plastic kit makes Arkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament. He is armed with weapons forged by Nagash’s own hand – Zefet-kar, the Tomb Blade and Khenash-an, the Staff of Spirits – which were awarded to him when he was reborn as the Liche King. Riding the dread abyssal known as Razarak, the Doom of Traitors, Arkhan presides over Nagash’s armies ensuring no detail escapes his unblinking gaze.

The full rules for using Arkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament in games of Warhammer are included in Warhammer: Nagash. They can also be found in the construction booklet that accompanies the miniature.


Alternatively this kit can be assembled as Mannfred von Carstein, Mortarch of Night or Neferata, Mortarch of Blood.

Heroes of the Empire: Valten $66

Heroes of the Empire: Valten contains Valten on foot with two hand weapons, Valten on Empire Warhorse, and Valten the Exalted of Sigmar on Elven Steed. This is a Citadel Finecast product with the exception of the Warhorse which is supplied in plastic.

The Army Bundles

Army of the Silver Pinnacle $160 


The Army of the Silver Pinnacle is a multi-part plastic set which includes: 1 Coven Throne, 10 Tomb Guard, 20 Tomb Kings Skeletons, 20 Crypt Ghouls and 1 Banshee.

The Black Host is a multi-part plastic bundle which includes: 1 Wight King, 20 Grave Guard, 20 Vampire Counts Skeletons and 1 Terrorgheist.

The Army of Sternieste is a multi-part plastic bundle, which includes: 1 Necromancer, 15 Black Knights/Hex Wraiths, 3 Vampire Counts Vargheists/Crypt Horrors and 20 Zombies.

Dark Eldar Rumors

via Steve the Warboss 8-27-2014

The Dark Eldar comes soon after the last Nagash Endtimes release in mid September.

– 3 Week Release Window
– No completely new Units or Characters
– Chars without Models are removed
– Separate Relics for the Wych cults & the Kabals
– Vect is a Lord of War
– Wracks are the only finecasts who get a replacement

– New warmachine for Vect

via one of Gary’s birds 8-29-2014

Dark Eldar Products

A reduced price Incubi box(which is drastic, it seems, becoming cheaper than Wracks are now).

Two items named “Dark Eldar: Covens” and “Dark Eldar: Wyches” for the same price as a 7th Ed Codex. Now I can’t say with much certainty what these are, but based on their price and title, I think they might be supplements.

In addition to that, I have seen the normal 7th Ed priced ‘Codex: Dark Eldar” and the “Codex: Dark Eldar Limited Edition” that is a bit cheaper than others.

Also of interest is the “Dark Eldar Tantalus” that I found that is four dollars cheaper than three Terminator boxes. If this Tantalus entry pans out, I would assume it is our version of the Imperial Knight/Baneblade/Stompa.

Now of course the one that has everyone scratching their head is the reference to “Tantalus”.  As Forgeworld has been selling this for years:

Dark Eldar Tantalus £88.50


First crafted, so it is said, for the Archon Surasis Grief of the Kabal of the Dark Mirror, the Dark Eldar Tantalus is an assault skimmer, somewhat larger and more complex in design than the Raider, and accordingly better armed. Its distinctive twin-hulled design houses powerful engine-reactors slaved to enhanced drives and its unique scythevane armament.

One of the largest Dark Eldar vehicles yet encountered by the Imperial war machine, the cruel reavers who crew this sleek engine of destruction take delight in mounting high-speed attacks, slicing through the hulls of enemy vehicles and rending infantry into crimson shreds.

In general, GW no longer just lifts models from the Forgeworld line.  So either it’s a mistake, totally made up, or GW is going back to the Trygon/Valkyrie days…

  Forgeworld Latest

Knight Castigator £170

Quote Originally Posted by Forgeworld
Armed with the fearsome Castigator pattern bolt cannon, the Cerastus Knight-Castigator is favoured by those households faced with hordes of lesser foes that might otherwise overwhelm even a mighty Knight through sheer numbers. Capable of obliterating infantry formations in a thunderous rain of mass-reactive explosions and whirling power blade, or carving apart light vehicles with ease, the Castigator is a formidable opponent.

The Cerastus Knight-Castigator is a complete multi-part resin kit, designed by Daren Parrwood. We hope to have rules for using the Castigator in games of Warhammer 40,000 on the Forge World website in the coming weeks.

So no rules yet. Poopy!


Quote Originally Posted by Forgeworld
The Knights of House Terryn are amongst the most warlike in the galaxy. Renowned for their victories against the enemies of Mankind on distant battlefields, in recent years the dual threats of Hive Fleet Leviathan and the rapidly expanding Tau Empire have forced them to fight ever closer to their home world Voltoris as the shadows of war close over the Imperium.

The House Terryn Upgrade Kit is a multi-part resin kit for upgrading the plastic Imperial Knight. Designed by Keith Robertson, this kit features the livery of House Terryn upon two shoulder pads, a chest plate, hatch, tilting plate and banner.
GW Schedule
Voice of the Chaos Gods 8-26-2014

Endtimes 1

Dark Eldar


Endtimes 2

Blood Angels

Terrain & Hobbit

Now it’s time to gear up for the next week!

Author: Larry Vela
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