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First Look Review – New Grey Knights Codex

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Aug 26

The scions of Titan are here, and woe be unto Daemonkind. Time to dive into 40K newest codex!
For the second time in a month, we have a new codex release!  Did Games Workshop feel they needed more of our back to school dollars by releasing so much awesome all at once? In any case, the Grey Knights are back and everyone seems to have something to say about the new book, so let’s get right to it.

First things first, this is not your 5th Edition Grey Knights. If you are buying this book expecting to port over the army you had from back then to now, you will be disappointed. This new book is all about falling in line with the new 7th edition format, so gone is easy to get psychic pilot casting dice, and in are some real beat-stick units that seem to once again be points efficient (like Draigo, Dreadknights, etc).

It seems that the rigors of updating so much material may have finally struck home, and all the Inquisitional units that have been part of this series of codices since 3rd edition have been removed as well. The layout of the new codex is similar to the last two 7th edition releases (Orks, and Space Wolves), and features all the unit’s stats and upgrade costs all on one single unit entry page. Each entry is also set around a huge picture of the unit featuring the ‘Eavy Metal painted versions of the models with a small paragraph of fluff next to the image. All the global rules for the Grey Knights are once again catalogued after the unit entries and features all the army’s new special rules, warlord traits, wargear etc as well.

The codex also features a big section of fluff and an average sized painted miniatures showcase as well, and all told the book once again is about 100 pages in total. They did include a very nice selection of colored art from the last book, and a splash of new art, which was nice to see.  I know I would have loved to see more of the older stuff re-colored and included however. If you’re looking for more units to to field from the chambers of the Ordo Malleus and beyond,  the Inquisition models that were removed from the Grey Knights book are still available in their own stand alone supplement, and 100% playable with this book and the new edition of Warhammer 40k as well. There is also a new Assassins temple supplement that was released this weekend as well. So overall, there seems to be a very large combination of Inquisition-esque armies that you can still field, assuming one wants to shell out for all the required reading materials and not save any money for models that is. Like videos?

So what do you think of our newest incarnation of the brothers from Titan?

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