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GW Shows Off a LOT of Licensed Products

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Aug 29 2014

GW wants you to see all their licensed products all in one new website.  Take a look:

So that’s 18 Video Games and 16 Traditional Games… so far.  Far more than most of us thought were out there!
A few years back, GW was all about a handful of top-tier licensed products.  We saw big video game outfits like THQ cranking out the Dawn of War series,  EA cranking out Warhamer Online, and on the traditional side of things FFG working on whole slew of 40K/WFB games.

FFG is still cranking along swimmingly, but on the video game front GW got a taste of that completely unpredictable hit-driven industry.  Based on the 18 videogames shown on the new page (so far, who knows how many more are in early development), it looks like GW has changed direction.

Gone are the handful of monolithic “mega games” replaced by a tapestry of tiny games spread across almost every platform out there form consoles to PCs to phones.

And it’s a smart move.

If you think about it as a diversification away from huge mega-game catastrophes (see Warhammer Online), it’s smart.  If you see it as an effectively free way to seed the market with GW’s IP and powerful brands – it’s even smarter.

And people say GW doesn’t do marketing…

~ So what’s your take on GW’s current set of Licensees?

Author: Larry Vela
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