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GW: The Next 18 Months

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Aug 12 2014

Oh, it looks like GW has BIG plans for the months ahead. Come take a look:

from Voice of the Chaos Gods 8-11-2014

my source has told me information about some plans by Games Workshop:

By Summer next year all 40k Softcover will be replaced. Until 40k will be focused. After that, the releases scaled back. The number of supplement releases will be constantly; no increases in 2015.

Translation of existing supplements.

The next CSM codex is in the “pre-production”. Adam Troke was commissioned to find out how to represent the legions (cult too) in the new Codex.

In the second half of 2015, Fantasy will play the main role including a new Edition.

Warhammer Visions sells not well at all. Maybe the next incarnation of the WD.
Voice of the Chaos Gods adds: 8-12-2014

Dark Eldar will most probably come next. The four codices for replace the last softcovers are all complete. Theoretically, GW can publish them all in 2014.

Sororitas were written by phil kelly already in 2013.

Problems with the molds prevent the publication.

Necrons and Dark Eldar are getting for their codex publications only few new Models.

Both systems have only three regular rule writer. The writers for 40k are Robin Cruddace & Simon Grant. Fantasy has Phil Kelly & Jeremy Vetock. Jervis Johnson is in both games the senior writer.

Now something odd about this. This set of definitely has an “english as second language” feel to it, or has gone through an online translation tool. So there may be 3rd-hand hand reporting going on here.
Also, take a close look at that last list of who is working in the design studio.  Notice anyone missing from that list?

~Sisters Codex!  I’ll believe it when I see it!

Author: Larry Vela
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