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Nagash’s Lieutenants Prices & More!

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Aug 25 2014

Those amazing models of Nagash’s Lieutenants have prices and a lot of accompanying stuff.  Here’s the latest:

Pics via Grot Orderly

Hmm, $79 for the triple build Manfred, Arkhan, Neferata kit on that giant riding beast.  Then we have some undead bundles, and note the missing models we’ve previously seen slated for release the week after these.  It does seem like Fantasy is veeeeeery slowly ratcheting down their prices month after month. That big kit is brand new, high quality, and certainly cooler than a Land Raider – for less.

(including all the models spotted so far)

I can only dream of the conversions the Mortarchs kits will insprire!

Author: Larry Vela
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