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Outside the Box 08-01-14

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Aug 1 2014

Welcome to Outside the Box, this week again there is so much awesome stuff that I don’t know where to start – just see for yourselves!

Corvus Belli showed the miniatures from the Operation:Icestorm starter set:

-> More Infinity News

New previews for Dark Age have been published:

-> More Dark Age Games News

The new Tarakian Patrol Fleet for Firestorm Armada has been revealed:

New plastic tanks are coming!

 Additionally, the Alpha rules for Beyond the Gates of Antares have been sent to playtesters:

-> More Warlord Games News

This week Mierce Miniatures published plenty of new previews for Darklands:

-> More Mierce Miniatures News

Dream Pod 9 showed us new pictures of the Scimitar:

New pictures of the Forge Guard:

And the Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest Kickstarter will launch on monday:

-> More Mantic Games News

A new character for All Quiet on the Martian Front has been shown:

Wave 19 for Bushido can now be pre-ordered and GCT Studios presents new previews of their board game Rise of the Kage:


 -> More GCT Studios News

New Demon Hunters are on their way:

-> More Prodos Games News

Outlaw Miniatures presents production samples of the Holy Order of Man Hired Hands for Wild West Exodus:

-> More Outlaw Miniatures News

Hawk Wargames 

The Resistance preview month is over and here are some of the highlights:

-> More Hawk Wargames News

The Predator Strike Drone for Afterlife is now available:

-> More Anvil Industry News

LaserCutCard offers a new range of Orc buildings:

-> More LaserCutCard News

The Arcadian Rifles are shipping:

-> More Victoria Miniatures News

Fantasy Flight Games published a new preview of the B-Wing from the Rebel Aces pack for X-Wing:

-> More Fantasy Flight Games News

The Warriors of Lust will be released soon:

This week’s new Kickstarter campaigns: 
Void Star Studio – Tact-Tiles: Modular Wet and Dry Erase Gaming Surface

Everything Epic Games – Secrets of the Lost Tomb the Miniatures Adventure

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

A truly awesome week – I just can’t pick a favorite!

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