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Outside the Box 08-15-14

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Aug 15 2014

Here we go again and I have some juicy new pics for you – including the Dystopian Legions starter box, plastic Landsknechts, plastic DZC, new Malifaux releases and exclusives and much more!

Iron Scorpion, a a new two player starter set for Dystopian Legions, will be available in September:

Additionally, the Chinese will join Dystopian Wars and new spaceships for the Alliance Nations are on their way:

And further away, new heavy bombers and boxed sets for the Danish:

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Pro Gloria Miniatures –> Pro Gloria
A Kickstarter campaign for a box of plastic Landsknechts is coming:

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Studio McVey and Guillotine Games present new demons for Seven Sins:

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Hawk Wargames 
All faction get new all plastic starter armies.

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A lot of stuff is available as pre-releases from the Wyrd Miniatures online store this weekend, including this year’s GenCon exclusives:

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Fantasy Flight Games 
Just in case you are living under a rock: Fantasy Flight Games announced a new game of tactical fleet battles in the Star Wars universe
This week we got the pictures of miniatures for the Rise of the Kage board game:

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Black Powder Rebellion is now available as well as several new sets for Bolt Action and the digital editions of Bolt Action rulebooks:

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Mierce Miniatures

The next Kickstarter for Darklands will launch in September, until then we got new previews:

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Dream Pod 9 is running a GenCon special on their website, including pre-releases and special deals:


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New productin samples of the Wrath of Kings range have been shown:

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DarkSword Miniatures showed some of their GenCon releases:

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Customeeple offers a token set for the Infinity Starter Operation: Icestorm

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New starter bundles for DeepWars have been released:

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Alien Dungeon
More new releases for All Quiet on the Martian Front:


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Tor Gaming announced a new faction for Relics, the Ridend:

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This week we got The Boxer and F.R. Caym:

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The Jovian Hammers have been released:

Voodoworx announced a new large scale Fantasy range called Tir-Dagrau – The Land of Tears:

The 6mm Kaiju Mega Rig is finished:

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New characters from a tavern are available.

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And Morland Studios released new bad guys for their official Order of the Stick range:

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And three new Kickstarter campaigns this week: 

The DarkSword underwater lady looks like fun to paint and I love the creepy Seven Sins demons – but the highlight is clearly the Dystopian Legions box, I mean, steampunk in North Africa!


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