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Space Wolf Codex Peeks from Germany

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Aug 5 2014
Warhammer 40K

News is trickling in about the upcoming Space Wolves codex from gamers in Germany!  Here’s the latest:

via (and google Translate)

Force Org:

At least 2 HQ, – maximum of 6 HQ (!)
Additional possibility to make units

Warlord traits:

-Reroll hits in a challenge
-Relentlessly for (complete) beasts and cavalry units of the Wolves, who within 12 around the Warlord these units Furious Charge
-Monster Hunter
-FNP 6 + for Warlord and unit
-Flank attack and cover for Warlord
-Repeat 12 inch radius MW and pinning


-Helfrost weapons in various versions: with wound strength test / death
-Blizzard shield (for Dreadnoughts): Melee weapon, 3 + ward against all hits against the front (also in NK)
-Rune Weapons: How Psiwaffen with Adamantener will


-Bite of Fenris: Bolter with Helfrost
-Helm Durfast: reroll to hit, shooting attacks have ignore cover
-Armor of Russ: 2 + / 4 + +, ini opponents in challenge -5
-The Black Death: +2 S, DS2, melee, unwieldy, +3 attacks when more enemy models in melee
-Wulfestein: have support and unit Furious Charge, Carrier has Berserk

Psychic Powers:

-Living Lightning (Primary) / WC1: 18 inches Hexenfeuer, S7 DS, Storm 3, shock = at goal from 6 two additional hit, except for snapshots
-Stormbringer / WC1: Blessing, veils for psykers and unit
-Storm rage / WC1: curse unit in 18 inches, 1BF, open as difficult terrain, all jump infantry, slider, etc. antigrav must immediately remove test for dangerous terrain if affected.
-Murderous Hurricane / WC2: 18 inches Hexenfeuer, S4 DS, 5 inch template, Rending, Storm 1
-Fury of the wolf spirits / WC2: 18 inches Hexenfeuer, both profiles are shot in any order, S6 DS-4 storm, S5 DS2 Storm 2, precise
-Maw / WC2: 18 inches focused Hexenfeuer, a model (not monstrous) makes Initest / death


KG 6, BF6, 13/13/10, reverend
Assault Cannon
5 + +
+1 On Iniklau
May swap weapons

Ulrik the Slayer:

145 points
KG 6, ini 5, 3 attacks
are unit 6 + FNP
nemesis is within 6 inches
Are adamant within 12 inches

Get on in there and help out you german speakers…

~ The codex is only 3 days away!

Author: Larry Vela
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