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The Ten Most Hated Items in the 40K

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Aug 6 2014
Warhammer 40K

The grimdark is full of a million items that kill, but these items are the ones you LOATHE!

Psychotroke Grenades – Who doesn’t love attacking yourself – if you’re lucky!

Rad Grenades – It’s nice to get to look up Toughness 2 on the to-wound chart.  I almost forgot it was there!

Mindshackle Scarabs – Let’s just put it this way – when is the last time you saw a Necron lord without some?

Stormshields – Not the giant pain in the butt these were last edition, a full squad with 2+/3++ saves is still a giant pain!

Jetbikes: from Farseers, to the Dark Kin, to Heralds of The Changer of Ways – everyone hates a foe that can slip through your fingers and snag objectives with impunity.

Shadowfield – Still going strong after 20 years.  Never leave your Archon home without one!

Puretide Engram Chip – Sadly for the galaxy, the recently released Mk.2 chip only works with the Tau.  But that Mk.1 version was every Space Marine commander’s best friend!

Grimoire of True Names – Thank you for introducing 2+ invulnerables into the game.  It truly is a book of ultimate EVIL!


Serpent Shield – So good, I have no idea why the Eldar don’t deck out their titans with them.  Why bother with main battle tanks when you can just take more troop transports!

The Black Mace – No self-respecting Daemon Prince will leave the warp without one.  I thought there was only supposed to be one?

~What did we miss?

Author: Larry Vela
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