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40K: Dark Eldar Week 3 Minis & Rules

Sep 25 2014

The latest rumors are doing the rounds on what week 3 will bring the High Lords of Commorragh:

via Khaine Mor of The Darkcity

Dark Eldar Week 3 Releases

Week 3, Pre order on the 4th :  (October)

Plastic Archon, multiple options from what I’ve seen so far, I’ve seen a lot of bitz I’ve never seen before on any other kit. I know kabalites or wyches won’t be updated, meaning those bitz can only come with the archon.

New Succubus, if you check the picture you can see a succubus with the same weapons as the old one, the same arms, but everything else is different. Now plastic or finecast, unsure. This could also be a conversion, however I know for a fact a new Succubus will be released.

– Vect + Dais, third big release: you can get very excited for this one:
0 pictures yet, 0 clue what it will look like, I’m expecting something extremely awesome. Vect is a lord of war btw.

BTW another interesting bit on apoc battle report: all dark eldar get FnP on turn 3, fearless on turn 5. A global power from pain it seems…

~An army-wide pain token scale might help out the Dark Kin, but I still think they need more in 7th. How would you bring up their power level?


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