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Chaos is Rising in October!?

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Sep 11 2014

The Dark Eldar are said to be around the corner.  Beyond them the Ruinous Powers have plans…

It would appear that Nagash was just the beginning.  The Warhamer Old World is said to be getting hit hard again in October by the powers of Chaos:
via adicto 9-11-2014

October – The Month of Chaos

Original Spanish

Hay algo que aún no hemos visto que aparecerá dentro de poco. Una nueva forma de maldad y destrucción relacionado con Glotkin.

Octubre sería el mes del caos, el starter kit por ahí anda, lo que nose cuando, según contaron pensé que era para el 20.

Libro Chaos, 2 Cajas Grandes, 1 Mediana, y un blister de un PE.
¿Cartas Impias?

¿Malus se convertirá en P. Demonio?
¿Volveran el culto de Slaneesh?
¿Druchii ungidos regresan para arrasar Naggaroth?
¿La Profecía de Nagarythe se cumple?
¿Los Antiguos Campeones del Caos Regresan?
¿La Profecía sobre los Dragones de Caledor ha llegado?

English Translation:
“There is something we haven’t seen yet that will pop out soon enough. A new kind of evil and destruction related to Glotkin.
October should be the month of Chaos, the starter kit is there somewhere, I don’t know when, the way they told me I thought it would be on september 20th.

Chaos book. 2 big boxes. 1 medium-sized box, and a SC (TN: special character) blister. (emphasis by editor)

Unholy cards?
Will Malus become a daemon prince?
Will the cult of slaanesh (TN: Cult of Pleasure) return?
Will the anointed druchii come back to obliterate Naggaroth?
Will the Nagarythe prophecy become true?
Will the old chaos champions return?
Is the Caledor dragons prophecy finally here?”

This roughly lines up with the previous WFB End Times multi-volume schedule that has been doing the rounds.  The products described match up well with the Nagash release window. I haven’t read the Nagash book, but you all can tell me if those plot questions line up with any dangling plot hooks from the book.

~ And there are said to be 3 or 4 volumes before it’s all over!  Fasten your seatbelts!

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