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Dark Eldar Latest Whispers – Wracks vs Incubi: FIGHT!

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Sep 4 2014

Today’s list of Dark Eldar whispers includes a dilemma and 1 missing model…

via VoiceoftheChaosGods 9-4-2014

Dark Eldar are next, 3-week releases with:

-No Bomber in the Codex
-New Female Archon Model (maybe Malys)
-New Drazhar model
-New Wracks
-Vect with big Vehicle (no Chariot)

Compare this with the previous sets from last week and note the differences and the patterns:
via Steve the Warboss 8-27-2014

The Dark Eldar comes soon after the last Nagash Endtimes release in mid September.

– 3 Week Release Window
– No completely new Units or Characters
– Chars without Models are removed
– Separate Relics for the Wych cults & the Kabals
– Vect is a Lord of War
– Wracks are the only finecasts who get a replacement
– New warmachine for Vect

via one of Gary’s birds 8-29-2014


A reduced price Incubi box(which is drastic, it seems, becoming cheaper than Wracks are now). 

Two items named “Dark Eldar: Covens” and “Dark Eldar: Wyches” for the same price as a 7th Ed Codex. Now I can’t say with much certainty what these are, but based on their price and title, I think they might be supplements. 

In addition to that, I have seen the normal 7th Ed priced ‘Codex: Dark Eldar” and the “Codex: Dark Eldar Limited Edition” that is a bit cheaper than others. 

And now we have a litmus test.  Soon we will get to see who the accurate rumor mongers are and who aren’t.

2 say to look for plastic Wracks, and 1 says plastic Incubi. Of ominous note is none are saying to look for the bomber…

The Dark Eldar rumor train is just getting started…

Author: Larry Vela
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