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Infinity: August Releases Unboxed

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Sep 26 2014

 Step right up. I’ve got more cool Infinity models to show off.

Once again why not start with A for Aleph? Like many other Aleph characters, Thamyris is based off a character from Classical Greece. What’s unusual is that unlike Ajax, Achilles, or Penthesileia who are based off of mighty warriors, Thamyris was a bard.

Since there aren’t any rules for bards in Infinity, they decided to go ahead and make him a Hacker.

Here is the other side.

This is the second version of the Raktorak. The other one can be found in the Morat Sectorial Starter. As you can see this guy has a nice Vulkan Shotgun in place of the combi rifle you’ll find on the other version.

I spent awhile trying to figure out how you could attach a different head to this guy when it’s cast on. Eventually I figured out that it’s probably just there since it’s the same backpack from the other Raktorak. They just left the head on rather than recast a whole new piece. Hey free Morat head! Maybe glue it on to the base of one of your warbands like a Morlock Gruppe or Wulver Grenadiers.Achilles would probably like a Morat head.

And of course, a shot from the other angle.

Here is a newer, beefier Invincible for you Yu Jing players.


The older sculpt wasn’t too bad, especially given it’s age. But I think we can all agree the new one is cooler.

Now we move on to our first box for this release cycle. It’s heavy weapon cheerleaders for Haqqislam. Although maybe that’s an unfair thing to call them. Linked teams can do some pretty mean stuff with heavy weapons.

There are a good number of pieces here but nothing too crazy. And don’t forget the smallest pieces come in little ziplocks to keep them from getting lost.

As always the heads have an amazing amount of detail.

It’s the same with the female faces.


Guns, guns, guns!

Like most of the line troops, there are only two torsos. But the different arms and heads really make it look you get four different models.

Unsurprisingly, the new sculpts are definite improvements on the old. I guess the Panzefaust is still technically current, but it was a popular proxy for the Missile Launcher that you can now get for real.

You’ll have to forgive me for thinking these are the real stars of the show. I mean, Ariadna’s one of my favorite factions, so I’m a bit biased, but come one… just look at these guys.

The way I see it, these are the kind of models that will get you to start a whole new faction – maybe even a whole new game system. What do you on-the-fencers think? Are werewolf commandos what it’s going to take to get you into this game. Before you speak too soon, I must warn you that this box has an MSRP of around $70 US. Not cheap, but $20 is a pretty fair market price for an over-sized wolf man like that, while $10 for an individual specialist infantry model is also about average.

These Antipodes are the native inhabitants of Ariadna.

They still war with the humans adding to the harshness of life on the planet.


But the Cossack central government has created a device that can control them.

 And really, you want these guys on your side. They’re vicious and incredibly destructive.

While a bite from one of these Antipodes won’t turn you into one, pregnant women bitten by the creatures give birth to children with Wolf like features.

And that’s where Dogfaces come from.

This is the lady who keeps these Antipodes under wraps. That tablet looking thing is an Antipode control device. Or maybe it’s just a 6 Plus with the Antipode Control Device app. I’m not sure how things like this work in the future.

By the looks of this picture I think we can award this month’s most improved trophy to the Antipodes.

~That’s all for now. Are you folks enjoying these Infinity unboxings?

Ben Williams
  • Wargames Gallery 9-11-14