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Infinity: Operation Icestorm Unboxed

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Sep 18 2014

Oh y’know, just a little something I picked up at Gencon…  Let’s take a look at Corvus Belli’s new Infinity starter box.

Corvus Belli’s new two-player starter for Infinity was one of the hottest items at this year’s Gencon.

It’s hard to believe that this was the scene at the Corvus Belli booth Thursday morning before they opened. Copies of Icestorm were stacked to chest level. I had no idea they would sell out in about 45 minutes.

I walked off with my copy and didn’t think much of it. So when I learned how quickly they’d vanished, I got even more excited about it.

The box opens up, and out slides… another box.

Ok so let’s open that up and see what’s… Two more boxes.

You didn’t think I’d open Pan O first did you?

And now we’ve got bags inside of boxes. You know what I’m so excited I don’t care. Let’s get ’em all opened up.

And here they are, the super sexy Nomads of Corregidor. I’m sure these guys will be a joy to paint… whenever I find the time.

Here’s the Spektr.


The Mobile Brigada.

The Reverend.

And one of the Alguaciles.

Now for Pan O.

More bags of course.

And here are all the cool new minis. So many tiny antennas. I think I know why they put them in all the little bags.

Here is the Father Knight.


And of course I had to get a close-up of the sword too.


 Orc Troop

Akalis Sikh Commando


Can I tell you a secret. I’ve always loved the Pan-O berets. If these new sculpts had existed when I was starting up Infinity, I probably would have gone with Pan-O and not Bakunin.

And here’s the exclusive civilian model that was only included with pre-orders and at Gencon.

And what the heck… why not a shot from the other angle.

Ooohhh… custom D20s…


All the card terrain is in this bag.

There is an awful lot of this stuff. The cardboard seemed kinda flimsy at first…

But it sure can hold a lot of minis.

The battle mat isn’t nearly as exciting to me as the boxes, but it does look pretty cool. Probably worth laminating if you plan on using it regularly, but it’s too small for standard games.

And of course there are a bunch of handy tokens.

The rulebook that came in the box is on the right. I just felt like I should compare it to the quick start rules they give away so you know it isn’t the same thing.

It’s not really a rulebook per se. Each scenario teaches you a few more rules about how to play. They start you off with Alguaciles and Fusiliers, and by the end they’re working in the Niss and Spektr. It’s a very helpful way to lead you into the full rules. And just in case there’s someone out there groaning about having to buy the rulebook too, well, Corvus Belli has always made the Infinity rules available on their website. I don’t see this changing in 3rd ed.

Of course it includes all the profiles and points values of the models it comes with – not just these.

It even has a brief background on the Infinity Universe for everyone who is just starting out.

~All in all a very cool starter set. $120 is definitely a lot to ask for a starter box, but this one puts each player a lot closer to a complete army than most two-player starter sets. They’ve even planned it so each player can expand their forces with just two more boxes. Have at it!


Ben Williams
  • The DiRT - The Philosophy of Infinity 3rd Edition