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Outside the Box 09-12-14 – Announcing Planetfall & More!

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Sep 12 2014
Welcome back again, this week we have heaps of Planetfall pictures, Giant Flees, Evil Warlocks, Chinese Dragons and much more – Enjoy!

So much new stuff, first and foremost the new Planetfall starter Battle For Proteus Prime and the rest of the first wave:

Then we have the last of the heavy bombers for Dystopian Wars:

And new pictures of the infantry from the Dystopian Legions Iron Scorpion starter set:

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Cool Mini or Not
New previews for Wrath of Kings have been published:

Outlaw Miniatures 
New vehicles for Wild West Exodus are coming soon:

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Otherworld Miniatures
Do you remember Zagor, the Warlock of Firetop Mountain?

Warlord Games
Very busy week for Warlord again: Tank War has been released together with new plastic tank platoon boxes, the next supplement is up for pre-ordered and beside Bolt Action we got new releases for the Bronze Age and Judge Dredd ranges and a new preview of Beyond the Gates of Antares!!

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Pabogg, Oghur Nhund, is the newest addition to Darklands:


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Ack-ack-ackack! Ack-ack-ack!

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Yep, this is indeed supposed to be a Halfling Warlord!
Dream Pod 9
Dream Pod 9 presents the Peace River Argos:

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Red Republic Games

Arena Rex is almost ready to be shipped:

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Infamy Miniatures presents new miniatures for their Welcome to the Big Smoke range:

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Shieldwolf Miniatures
Shieldwolf gave us a rundown of their planned Fantasy ranges:

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Die Waffenkammer released new WW2 vehicles:

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White Knight Miniatures
The next addition to the Halfling range are Piggyback Riders:

Heer46 announced a Russian B-4 howitzer in 1/100th:

And  Meridian Miniatures is working on a new range of Steampunk Monster Hunters:

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And the new Kickstarter campaigns for this week: 
Johnny Borg Castings – Salvage Crew 28mm Humans


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The Steampunk Monster Hunters sound very interesting!

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