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40K: Blood Angels Campaign Boxed Set Contents

Oct 30 2014

Here’s the latest rumors doing the rounds on the contents of the Blood Angels vs Tyranids campaign box set:

Latest word on starter set 10-30-2014

Blood Angels
5 death company
10 assault marines 
1 furiouso dreadnaught
1 New Exclusive captain w jump pack

3 warriors
20 gaunts
3 lictors (editor’s note: this makes no sense, perhaps Hive Guard?)
1 NEW Exclusive Prime

Campaign is slated to kick off the week after Tyranids

Rumors are rated: Average-Low coming from known and unknown sources

Now this set certainly dovetails nicely with the latest rumors that have been breaking over the last 48 hours.  But it sounded oddly familiar, so we did some digging.  Compare today’s above rumor to this set of rumors that came out 10 months ago and were off the mark – but everyone figured they were confused reporting of the later StormClaw set:

Early “Blood Angels boxed set” rumors: 1-27-2014

Launch Window – @September
Rules Summary: Updated Mini-rulebook contains FAQs, minor tweaks and clarifications, and much of Stronghold Assault rolled into a new shiny package.
Miniatures included: @70
Blood Angels (plastic quick assembly)
– Assault Marine Squad
– Tactical Marine Squad
– Death Company Squad
– Captain (kitted out for assault)

– Chaplain
– Sanguinary Priest (limited edition, similar to the Dark Vengeance mini was)

Orks (plastic quick assembly)
– ‘Ardboys (full mob)
– Nobs (small squad)
– Warboss
– Big Mek
– Ork themed fortification

~ Hard to say if this right on the money, or ancient rumor-reverb…

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