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Dark Age Prevailers Unboxing Pt.2 : Lilith, Esh, and Marius

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Oct 18 2014

The Archangels aren’t the only stars of Dark Age Fanaticism. Let’s check out some of the other characters from the new Prevailer subfaction.

If you read my first article on Dark Age Fanaticism, you may recall that Lilith here is probably the most important character among these new releases.

She doesn’t have all the cool techno bits like a lot of these other new models, but the Sabre/Chem Gun combo have a nice feel to them. And you just gotta love her pose.

Reminder: Dark Age models are around 30mm scale. Lilith is a tall lady.

Esh, the angel of Judgement is kind of the counterpoint to the Archangels I showed last time. Rather than a glorious spectacle of Prevailer might, Esh is a shadowy assassin. A boogeyman that arrives in the dead of night to dispatch the Prevailers enemies.

He and his little buddy Zephon come in a lot of pieces.

Here’s a close up

And here are those pieces.

Zephon is not the only cherub we’ll see today.


Here is a close-up of him.

Marius might be my favorite character to come from Fanaticism. He’s not evil like Lilith, or mindless like the Archangels. As the Grand Templar and a leading general of the Prevailer forces, you get the impression that this guy has seen it all. The harshness of this world has made him into someone who has no hesitations about sacrificing others if it leads to victory. But I think he still ultimately wants to help his people. And you’ve got to respect that this is an old guy who still gets up every day, puts on his armor, and goes out there to kick ass.

Here is everything you will find in Marius’ blister.

A close up of the guy himself.

And a shot from the other side.

His arms.

Those two bits on the left that stick to his back don’t seem to have any purpose in the game. But they look pretty snazzy so who cares? The other bits are his shoulderpads.


This is Nabu.

Here’s what he looks like in raw metal.

And here’s a shot from the other side.

All the little cherubs have the same wings.

Their dart guns also share identical rules, but Zephon’s looks a bit different from the one shown here, used by both Nabu and Yael. The other bit glues to their backs. The ring folds forward to give them a halo.

And this is Yael

He looks rather similar to Nabu as the two are sort of supposed to be a matched pair.

And here’s a shot from the back. His accessory sprue is identical to Nabu’s so I figure there’s no point in showing it again.

~Hope you guys enjoyed all the pictures. I’ve got a Prevailer list planned. Hopefully I’lI get it all painted up and come back to show it off before too long.


Ben Williams
  • Dark Age: Conflagration