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Dark Eldar: Codex Confirmations

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Oct 2 2014

The Dark Eldar codex confirmations – they just won’t stop!!!   Here are the latest army rules details doing the rounds:

via Arkalid 10-1-2014

So I have seen the Codex and I took some notes for you guys.

-Only Venoms get Flickerfields, the rest of the vehicles only get night fields.
-Almost every unit is cheaper now. Price drops range from one to about three dozen in some cases. Most infantry units are cheaper. All Fast Attack options are cheaper, so are Kabalites. Wyches and Haemonculi Covens are the same in points.
-Succubus can get the Relic armour, which has the cost of the good ol’ times Tactical Marine, making her more viable.
-Wyches got hit a little, their weapons now give re-rolls, now specialist weapons.
-Incubi DO NOT have access to grenades.
-Trueborn no longer have access to shardcarbines, they do get 4 special weapons and two heavy weapons.
-Lelith no longer gets extra attacks.
-Artifacts are actually good. Animus Vitae has Rng 8″ S4 AP2 Assault 1, Agonising and One-use only. If it inflicts an unsaved wound, every model (friend or foe) with Power from Pain count the turn number being one bigger, stacks with other such bonuses and is permanent.
-The Bomber basically destroys everything. The missiles are actually good, for example Implosion missiles are now AP2.
-Most leaked rumours are true.

The “Relic Armour”, or The Armour of Misery, is a ghost plate (As 4+, 6++) that gives Fear and 6″ -2 Ld bubble that effects enemies.

All Wych weapons only affect the model using them.

1) Only some unit champs can get Haywire grenades. Archon and Succubus have access to them. None of the Special Characters has Haywire grenades.

2) Archon, Succubus, Wyches (and Bloodbrides), Scourges.

3) Ravager is still 11/11/10 with 3HP

4) Venom still carries only 5 models.

5) Acothyst is the only model with access to Venom Blade

1) The Voidraven was around 160+missiles. I think missile options were four shatterfield, two shatters and two implosions, or four implosions. Price range for those was 20-60. Razorwing was something like 120 or 130. Only shatter missiles had price, they were like 5pts each. Had to buy dark lances as an upgrade, price wasn’t that high.

2)Aethersails just let you move 24″ when you go Flat Out

3) Scourge now cost the same as last Codex’s Hellions. They can take 4 heavy and/or special weapons, no matter the squad size. basically the same options as before, but some price adjustments in weapon prizes. Huskblade is ten points cheaper and is AP3.

Hmm, so on balance it looks like a lack of grenades all around, making assault harder to pull off for the Dark Eldar, but they are getting a slight points reduction across the board (so you conveniently have to buy more of the little cretens)…  
I don’t mind the differentiation of the transports via the flickerfield/night shield differences, as I enjoy models with different roles/abilities/tradeoffs.  Uniform vehicles that only have transport capacity differences are boring.
Still I would hope that the Dark Eldar shooting gets better or they are going have a struggle and they deserve much more than just to be a target for other armies to ally units from.
I saw the previous Power From Pain table and am uncertain about it.  I think it may create a playstyle where the Dark Eldar play for time and attack in earnest late game.  I would almost think an inversion of the chart would work better where they start a battle all jacked up on pain-juice and drop back to being standard models by end game…

~Do you think the Dark Kin can go the distance with these rules?  

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