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Dark Eldar: Coven Supplement Formations!

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Oct 3 2014

The Dark Eldar Coven Supplement is coming and here’s the first confirmed reports of it’s Formations:

Via Mr. Smith and Dark City

Haemonculus Covens Formations

1 – urien or haemy plus 2 units of grots – d6 roll at start of game for grots – +1S, +1T, fleet, shred, rage, 4+ FNP

2 – 1 haemy, 1 chronos, 2 units of wracks – all wracks gain precision strike, wracks treat turn 1 higher for pfp. if haemy is the warlord he gets trait 4 automatically

3 – 2 units of wracks in 2 venoms – if a unit in this formation scores first blood, gain D3 vp rather than 1. Wracks must start embarked an in reserve. Deployed turn 1 via deep strike

4 – unit of 5 Talos – gain scout. Score an extra vp for any non vehicle unit killed in combat

5 – 1 haemy, 1 Chronos, 1 Talos – form a single unit. Characters may not join it outside of this formation. Talos and chronos gain +1ws and init. If haemy is warlord, gain trait 1 automatically

6 – 1 haemy, 3 units of wracks with raiders. Master of pain from haemy confers to all units in this formation within 12″. Warlord trait 5 if haemy is warlord

7 – all 6 formations as above in 1 formation – called the carnival of pain. Urien form formation 1 has his master of pain rule confer to whole formation. All non vehicles reroll 1’s to wound in combat

HOLY MOLY – that unit of 5 Talos is AWESOME!  Talk about an Electric Football army!

~Fear the Flesh-Shapers of Commorragh!

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