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Dark Eldar Week 3 Arrive!

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Oct 3 2014

The Lords, Ladies and Fleshmasters of Commorragh are here!  Take a look!

Haemonculus Covens $49.50

Inside this 80 page supplement you will find the sinister history of the Haemonculi of the undercity, revealing their gruesome deeds within Commorragh and on the battlefields of the wider galaxy. There are additional rules that work alongside Codex: Dark Eldar from which you can create a sinister Covenite warhost to unleash in your games of Warhammer 40,000. Plus a showcase of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures that depict the menacing colour schemes and iconography of the Covens. Finally, this book includes new missions, allowing you to recreate some of the most important of the Haemonculi’s realspace raids and employ the favoured tactics of the Coven lords.

Archon $23

The Archons are the masters of the Dark Eldar Kabals. Regal and monstrous in equal measure, each wields the power to enslave worlds and destroy civilisations. Archons have fed upon the pain of so many others that it takes true atrocity to invigorate them, so they must lead ever more raids against realspace.

This 11-piece plastic kit makes one Archon clad in Kabalite armour inscribed with runes. The Archon carries a husk blade and splinter pistol, while the cloak of skin and the trophy rack mounted upon his pack proudly display the bounty of horror he has reaped in battle.

The Succubi are the ruling elite of the Wych Cults. Impossibly elegant and beautiful, they stalk through the mayhem of battle as if born to it. They regularly take the lead in the war against realspace, not only for the feast of plunder, but also to hunt the champions of the lesser races and defeat them in showy displays of sheer skill.

This 10-piece plastic kit makes one Succubus equipped with an agoniser and archite glaive. The Succubus carries a trophy rack which demonstrates her prowess in battle, and is sculpted with cables in her neck which deliver her much needed combat drugs.


The Horrors of the Dark City bundle contains 24 Plastic Citadel miniatures, including: 1 Haemonculus, 4 boxes of 5 Wracks, 2 Raiders and 1 Talos Pain Engine/Cronos Parasite Engine.

~ A usual – stunning miniatures.  I really like the Succubus.  Most Impressive.

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